Prediction 2021

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I will have to evaluate our answers... who predicted Vingegaard for second?
I did, and there's no need to check.

Anyway, I did actually manage to score my first points (I hadn't even realised I actually had two before the race, because of the rule change). Froome didn't win though (only a consolation prize), but I did succesfully predict he would finish higher up than Roglic :D

No, I didn't even do that, because I was an idiot and decided to change it before the race, which I had forgotten. I did get Carapaz's result bang on, though.
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My Tour predictions will be just as wrong as every year, but I can't resist the force of habit.

  1. Pogacar
  2. Roglic
  3. Carapaz
  4. Thomas
  5. Lopez
  6. Mas
  7. Uran
  8. Kelderman
  9. Kruijswijk
  10. Gaudu
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Hey... you got three of them right!


I did, and there's no need to check.

TDF winner (2/1 point)Roglic
TDF podium 2 (2/1 point)Pogacar
TDF podium 3 (2/1 point)Carapaz
TDF - Green jersey (1 point)Démare
TDF - White jersey (half a point)Pogacar
TDF - Polka dot jersey (1 point)Nans Peters
So are we allowed to make up our own categories now?

Prix de la combativité: Julian Alaphilippe
Lanterne rouge: Roger Kluge
Tallest Cyril: Barthe
You're terrible at predicting. Only 1/3 right, and that was the unfair one!
You're terrible at predicting. Only 1/3 right, and that was the unfair one!
Ala really let me down in the last two weeks.

I knew the lanterne rouge was going to be a tall man riding for a Belgian team, who came from a country with German as an official language, and who was supposed to be working for a fast sprinter from a Commonwealth nation, so I think I was pretty close. Kluge was also in last place when he abandoned.

Barthe was one of only two Cyrils who finished the race, and he got the best stage result of any of them with a 9th in Paris, so I'm going to claim that as a proper victory.
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New standings:

Blanco9 ½
Pinot's goat10 ½
PinotZakarin10 ½
Jungle Cycle11 ½
Brumdog6611 ½
johnymax9 ½
Hugo Koblet11 ½
Tonton13 ½
Pohja Konn12
Samu Cuenca6
hayneplane12 ½
Alien Performance14
Kovo15 ½
Hihope12 ½
tobydawq8 ½
Armchair cyclist10 ½

Congratulations to @triley36, who is now in the lead!
Second is @Tinnekeisabella; her believe in Tadej payed off.
In third place is @Kovo, half a point behind Tinneke.

Winner of this round are @Alien Performance and Tinneke, who both gained 10 points.

Please note that I didn't give any points for the white jersey since absolutely everybody had Pogacar as a winner of this classification and nobody changed it. Might have just as well given them to everybody, but, yeah, I'm parsimonious.

Nobody had Cavendish for green!! Nobody! Guys. You're bad at this.
There were also just a few who went with Pogacar for polka dots, whether the other ones didn't because they didn't foresee it or because they found it boring to write the same name over and over I don't know.

A few highlights of my overview: barmaher had Sivakov on the podium, haha! I had Hart on the podium, haha! A few guys had Froome on the podium, haha!

Winners in heart are of course the many members who predicted Pogacar, Roglic, Carapaz and didn't even change it... No extra-points for that, though, but buy yourself a cookie, you deserve it.

If you would like to change your early prediction for the Olympics you can still do that. Please don't feel pressed, though.
There are some players who only joined right before the Tour, I'm not sure whether you would still like to take part or if you just wanted to give your opinion. If you want me to count your points please tell me, so far I didn't include you in the standings since you didn't give your predictions before the start of the season.
14 pts - not bad, just a few guys ahead of me. Picking Pog&Carapaz for 1st and 3rd (without changing it) was a good choice. But I have some doubts about keeping my Olympics prediction (Evenepoel & Ganna). I'm temped to change the RR for one of the Slovenians but no decision yet!
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