Prediction 2021

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Please don't forget to add your pre-race predictions for the Tour if you want them to be different from your early predictions!
(1st, 2nd, 3rd; green, white and polka dot)

@Pinot's goat : (Oh my god, I'm talking to a goat) Do you want to add a prediction for the other jerseys?
Isn't talking to goats in public a certain sign that you're beginning to lose your marbles? ;)
First instinct is to go for Pogacar-Roglic-Carapaz, but then I would also be surprised if all the favourites made it through the first week this year. So with an unfortunate incident involving Pogacar, and a customary crash for G leaving Porte as Ineos leader #2, I ended up with:

  1. Roglic
  2. Carapaz
  3. Porte
Green: Matthews
White: Gaudu
Polka dot: G. Martin
Team: Movistar
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