Prediction 2021

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Hm, now is that the result of your superior prediction skills or do you just want to rub it into our faces that you were right...?

(I'm picking Pogacar.)
No gloating here. I’ve been lucky a few times in the predictions this year. I’ve also been humbled in the CQ games. I’m a serious threat to finish last in the spring classics game. I have no illusions of grandeur when it comes to my cycling knowledge. And I came really close to picking Pogacar as well. I think he, Ala, and Roglic are all on equal footing in LBL.
Remco to get an unassailable lead in stage 1 of the giro. Remco to attack so hard in stage 2 that he takes flight off course and gets dq'ed. During the flight, Remco knocks the trofeo senza fine into Nibali's bag.
Froome to wake up one morning in July and win the tour de france. Pog and Rog are reduced to sprinting for a stage win on the Champs.
Bala to announce he's never retiring, there's at least 1000 more top tens in him.
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