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Prediction Game 2021 Women's Edition

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I'm going to make a slight gamble but I'm feeling some potential for some home field advantage paying off and possibly eleventy thousand Dutchwomen getting in one another's way, and I'm going to go for Lotte Kopecky.

I don't really see that as a huge gamble, cause I'm strongly considering her as well. And even if she doesn't win, she'll still have a good chance of taking a medal.
Maybe you could teach her to sprint then?
You were strong and powerful once.
Liane has a good sprint, but would need the bunch to be thinned out more than it likely will be by the hills or to have the optimal break composition which would probably be an issue as there's always likely to be at least one of the Dutchwomen that might outsprint her. I'd love Liane as a world champion, she's competitive in the vast majority of one day races that the jersey would always be visible, while simultaneously still being an underdog because she hasn't won a major Classic yet.