Prediction Game 2021 Women's Edition

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I'm doing well in the team and U23 overall rankings though ;)

I also have a 6th and a 4th from my attempts to win when others don't score by picking leftfield, so I'm good at picking those who are close but no cigar. The one complete miss I have is the one time I went for the more obvious call, which was Lorena in Gent-Wevelgem when she didn't make the selection.
Yes, it's time for us to pick a winner (or rather someone who comes close or simply crumbles under the pressure we put upon them) of the 7th Amstel Gold Race for women.

I read in a Danish interview that Emma Norsgaard has specifically asked to ride this race, because she wants to develop into more of a puncheur, but she isn't on the roster shown on the team's website or anywhere else. But then again the last time a Norsgaard appeared on a startlist he wasn't actually in the race, so who the heck knows?
Obviously she wouldn't be able to win this either, but it's stil interesting with the youth competition in mind.

Van Vleuten looks like the hot favourite, although she hasn't managed to win the race before.
After Wednesday's action I'm jumping on the justice for Demi bandwagon and am therefore picking Vollering. SD Worx has the numbers, and van der Breggen's condition is unknown after her sickness this week. It is her birthday tomorrow though, so that could make her eager to win.
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@Põhja Konn, remember to reveal your prediction to us.

All of us have to remember that this is one of the races, where the women finishes before the men, and it should happen before noon local time. The same goes for FW and LBL, but they might finish slightly later. Tomorrow we'll probably get to enjoy an incredible 45 minutes of AGR if we're lucky.
BlueRoads proved today that she knows absolutely nothing about women's cycling, by picking someone who didn't even feature in the front group :p
Põhja Konn and RedheadDane's choices could have scored them points, but they decided the didn't bother, while Libertine and I got slightly robbed by both the cameras and reality.

Current standings:
Põhja Konn 10
BlueRoads 8
RedheadDane 7
Samu Cuenca 6(+2)
Libertine Seguros 4(+2)

Niamh Fisher-Black won the six point for the youth competition in front of Maria Novolodskaya and Anna Shackley. It means that the Russian now only trails Norsgaard by two points at the top of the leaderboard. Vos obviously extended her lead in the individual ranking, and the same goes for SD Worx in the team category.

Now have a few days to consider, whether or not we believe that the "Queen of de Muur" can live up to her name on Wednesday.