Prediction Game 2021 Women's Edition

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I have no idea. I wanted to say Grace Brown, but if she's not riding it that's not the option I'm going to choose. There's a bunch of riders who I'd like to pick, but in the end I'm saying Vollering again - maybe, if van der Breggen is not totally up to it, she's going to help Demi a bit... in return for FW.
I'm going with van der Breggen for LBL.

As for additions to the predictions game, I don't really have a preference between Thüringen and Burgos. Wouldn't actually mind doing the game for both of those, but not sure Samu Cuenca shares the sentiment.:p
I have nothing against doing both races, but I wasn't sure what you guys would of think of it.

I have picked van Vleuten, even though she doesn't look as strong as she did three weeks ago. Hopefully she'll still finish on the podium if not better.
Of course, you also lose 10 points for threatening to kidnap people, right?

Damn this is close!

The kidnapping threats didn't come about in the game rhread, so I'm not sure I can deduct points because of them. But I'll keep an extra eye on her, that's for sure!

This is only close, because I have made some very bad decisions.
You might score some good points by being the only one to pick van Vleuten for the individual ranking, but then Jastrab may cost you some too. Libertine is the only one, who has a virtual point in the youth competition. Maria Novolodskaya now has a lead of six points over Muzic and eight over Norsgaard in third place.
I've finally decided that we're gonna do both the Vuelta a Burgos and Thüringen Ladies Tour. We don't have the full startlists yet, but Burgos could end up being another van Vleuten-van der Breggen showdown.

Burgos begins on Thursday and Thüringen next Tuesday, so hopefully we'll have the startlists in time for us to pick a top 3. Yes, this time we're a picking a top 3.
If one of our riders finishes third, we'll get one point, we'll gain two points for a rider finishing second, and three points if a chosen rider wins the race. So that means there's a whopping 12 points to be scored for each of us during these two races.