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Prediction Game

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Hey guys! I haven't been updating the thread this last couple of weeks. I have been extremely busy with work/semester ending. Just a heads up, the RVV updates will be late. Please send all your predictions to me normally, however I won't be able to update the thread until Wednesday. After that however, there won't be any other delays. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience!
Mar 31, 2009
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Shame you can't add new players,like some other forums especially when you only just started.Whats going to happen when this forum gets busy and you get 60 odd people wanting to play:(
good luck with it though.
Yea, not sure. It got unstickied. Oh well, I'm almost done my term papers so I should be back very soon! (1-2 more days, I'm thinking) As mentioned previously, the thread will not be updated until Wednesday, but don't worry I have everyone's picks and everything will be recorded/updated soon!

GL to everyone tomorrow :) (oh and can we get a sticky by any chance?, thanks)
Apr 1, 2009
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I'm in as well, how would you work it? I mean I understand the point system but how would you post your predictions? Like for instances if I chose Hincapie for P-R, have I just done it?

who picked Devolder

I know we are waiting for the results of the Merckx Jury - but who picked Devolder for the win?

I had him for a place along with Pozzato and Haussler but was looking for Boonen to be the man of the hour.
These are the standings.

Please send me a message if I've made a mistake tabulating your score! The front post will be updated once someone confirms I did indeed place my "Devolder" pick before the race started, and that I'm not pulling any shenanigans :p

The pick was recorded under "Merckx" near the bottom of the post. I had Devolder, Boonen, Hoste, Flecha, Chavanel marked.

Also, I apologize to everyone about not updating the post today, I've been really busy! Things are starting to slow down, so we should be good to go for the next one in a couple of days.

Also, to any admins out there. Is there any way we can get this thread re-stickied?


Apr 1, 2009
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Shouldn't we do this race by race? I mean start a new post with your current standings on it and post under Gent-Wevelgem and then a new post for Paris-Roubaix? Come up with some sort of rules, closing date and time for example. surely one for the GT's

for Gent-Wevelgem my pick is Haussler I mean 2nd twice in a row in the classics amazing!!
Hmm, I don't see any gent wevelgem race in the schedule... did I miss something? should we make our predictions for this race as well?:confused:
anyway... I'm missing the "best team" preditictions for the Classics in the game rules too. Did that change?:eek: I know there was some discussion about which team won Milan San Remo, have you decided to withdraw the team predictions for classics?:(
Guys, please read the post on the first page :p I think all the rules should be indicated on there. And no, Ghent wevelgem is not part of this year's season. Next race is P-R.

Also to everyone. You no longer have to pick a team for ANY single day races / stages. You only provide a team at the start of a stage race/ grand tour.
lookkg386 said:
All good, only one to pick Devolder was Merckx!, good pick.

Hehe yea, kind of surprising actually. The majority of people didn't even have him in their top 5.

- First post has been updated. Next race is Paris-Roubaix. Also a reminder to everyone, please do not send "Team Selections" for classics and individual stages. "Team picks are done only at the start of stageraces or grand tours".

Thanks, and gl to everyone on Sunday!
Sorry man :( a few others have already asked to join and I had to tell them no. It wouldn't be really fair to them. Besides, at this point it's hard enough to update the list (thank god we only have events once every week or so :p)
Quick reminder to everyone, the next race is in 2 days (sunday). You have until tomorrow morning to send me your predictions! The competition is close, it'd be nice if no one was cut this week. (for not sending their picks)
I am still missing five picks. Technically the betting should be over by now, but I will give you guys 2 more hours to send in your picks.

Missing: K.Robbins, FasterthanYou, 2WheelsGood, Jaylew, Calzone

Please send me something, I don't want to cut anyone this week!