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Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 2017 (2.UWT)

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Zinoviev Letter said:
Escarabajo said:
Not a good race IMHO. No competition.

Pretty much. You could hold this race five times back to back and every time the stages would go Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Ulissi, Bennett. Bennett's just a faster sprinter than anyone else here and Ulissi is much better on that type of finishing climb than anyone else here. I'm mostly just hoping Theuns can win the uphill sprint tomorrow because I'm starting to feel sorry for him. A late attack, like Mas Bonet a couple of years ago would be fine too.

Agreed, tho i think neimec might have been the strongest on the climb that day.
Apr 15, 2013
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Pour organisers, they were robbed with this bogus WT status, they would have been so much better off with the old classical format. Here it was a farce.