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Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 2024, 21st to 28th April

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Thursday's stage 5 is from Bodrum to Kusadasi, 177.9 km, start at 10.54 CET and TV from 13.30 CET. A chance again for the break or a reduced bunch sprint.

Some real lumpy stuff in the last 25 km and a 4 km descent to the finish.
Not that same MTF of last year?

Wait they used Babadağ last year? OMG that is the hardest climb on Turkey bar none, I would say even harder than this gravel climb: https://forum.cyclingnews.com/threads/gravel-climbs.33485/page-2#post-2434909
I designed a stage finishing at Babadağ all the way back in 2016, but never posted here. So very surprised to see them use that monstrous climb.

Ah, Kalkan. I had a stage idea for around there.

It looked like this:


First climb there is the main one in the real stage, then they follow the coast road whereas I go over a mountain to get to Kalkan then have a loop with the final climb.
That's a great stage design. That area has lots of untapped potential for mountain stages. I would love to see a Tour of Turkey on Race Design Thread by one of the regular users there by the way.

I had a nice idea what one could do with the diffent sides of a brute of a climb like Kartepe
I think I also designed something similar for my last stage of 7 day Tour of Turkey-Marmara that I posted here I believe, although it seems I may have used a different side for one of those climbs ( can't view my stage because Cronoescalada got hacked and all those designs got deleted because of that a while ago and I didn't save it). Had used a gradual MTF at Uludağ the stage before I believe.
Thursday's stage 5 is from Bodrum to Kusadasi, 177.9 km, start at 10.54 CET and TV from 13.30 CET. A chance again for the break or a reduced bunch sprint.
last time they did this finish there wasn't too much of a selection, and Cav won.

With speeds up to 80 km/h, this sprint is honestly a bit on the scary side, though

View: https://youtu.be/9xmP-WJkam8?t=140
Thanks for posting the video from 2021 search. The finish seems to be the same with that crazy almost 180 degree turn at about 2.5 km to go. So as well as the twists and turns, the road is descending, and that finishing straight is not very wide, so as you wrote, it is a bit scary.


The well known sprinters this year don't seem on top form so another messy sprint could well be on the cards.
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The sprinters have had their fun so far, and Friday's stage is for the GC.
Stage 6, Kusadsi to Manisa, 160.1 km, start 10.51 CET, TV from 13.30 CET.

Spil Dagi is the climb of the day -
Not the epic Babadag but should sort out the GC winner for the race.
Edit add- Cepeda, Langellotti and Double are favourites but it's a day for a youngster to shine so we might get an unexpected winner.
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