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Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 2024, 21st to 28th April

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All good things must come to an end and Sunday's stage 8 is the final one for this year.
From Istanbul to Istanbul 105.4 km, start at 10.01 CET , TV from 10.00 CET

Laps aplenty but the finish has a nasty little surprise for the sprinters in the last km -

Back in 2022 they only managed 25 km of the final stage before giving up due to rain, wind and slippery roads.
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Déjà vu all over again! Back to 2022 and ... rain.
"The riders will ride to the finish line and complete one lap of the course at race speed but no-one will lose any time or points."
Feel sorry for the TV commentators.

Hope Caja have a good insurance for all their stolen stuff.

Chapeau though for DSM & Van den Broek who have pulled off a good win & a mentioned in dispatches for Terengganu for getting 2 guys in the GC top 4. Be interesting to see how Andresen and Jakobsen get on at the Giro but there'll be tougher opposition.
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Update: All classifications after stage 7 will be the final results. The prize money of stage 8 will be donated to charity

Damn, what did the riders do to deserve this.
Well, since we've seen races neutralised any time it gets a bit cold or wet ever since Adam Hansen got up one day in Italy and didn't fancy it, what's wrong with the money the riders wouldn't have done the racing to earn being instead donated to a good cause? It's not like the riders are suddenly not going to be paid, they still get their salaries, it's just that the prize money for the day is no longer available because nobody's going to be doing any of the racing that it's meant to reward. At least the money gets put to good use.
Just to be clear; whoever wins the stage still gets the prize money for that? Or have they agreed that all the prize money should go to charity?

And before anyone says they won't compete for the stage:

Update: The riders will ride to the finish line and complete one lap of the course at race speed but no-one will lose any time or points.

And now we got a split...
Wait so they neutralized the stage because of some warm rain? This is a real slap in the face to all the European races, especially the Belgian classics.

From what I understand, because it rains so rarely, the roads get really slippery - due to residue oil and dust - when it does rain.
What I don't understand is why they said they'd race for the stage win, but with the times being settled, but then sudden... didn't. I'm hoping it was the riders who told the organisers than none of them really fancied racing for the stage win.
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