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Logic-is-your-friend said:
This subforum should be renamed from "clinic" to "doping accusation". I see very little factual arguments or indications of doping, but rather wild speculation based on personal preference.

I don't know if QST is doping. If they are, i don't know if they're doping more than the other teams. In fact, i've said it in the general thread weeks ago. I find it strange that there is a QST doping thread 2019, while they have been the most succesful classics & 1 day race team for years, but nobody is asking questions about the sudden rise of Bora. But because Sagan isn't performing, that means the rest of the team is clean. They virtually have the same amount of victories, but 2 more WT victories. Now even guys 31 years old, are winning their first pro victory in a mountain stage of the Giro.

DQS is using Ketones, they are being monitored by the lab of the university of Leuven that recenctly did a largescale research about Ketones and found that many athletes were not taking them correctly. So, if DQS is using them correctly, and other teams are not, and according the research, you get improvements 10% and up... But in this topic, nobody has even mentioned Ketones. Just some wild accusations and speculation because they win a lot.

Kittel (among others) indeed doesn't get the same results after leaving. Now it turns out he's emotionally very fragile and depressed. But still he is being used a an example why DQS would be doping.

I'm all for an open discussion, but the more i read in the clinic forum, the more i get the impression people are here because a team they dislike is winning more than they'd like, or a rider they like isn't winning enough. Very little in depth discussion going on here.
Van Mol - http://www.cyclisme-dopage.com/portraits/vanmol.htm

Now they officially bring in Franck Alaphilippe. Exactly, the former coach of the caught doper Marion Sicot.

This can't be high on one of the smartest things they've done recently list. This is more an appearance issue than anything else as there is no proof F Alaphilippe has actually done anything wrong in the Marion Sicot case. Just not sure the appearance is the smartest of ideas.
Busy at work this off-season getting ahead of the story. We can expect some of the world's best TTers to improve substantially next year --- but it's because they'd never bothered to visit a wind tunnel to this point.
Given that equipment changes year to year, as does thinking on what will make an improvement, one ought to expect that riders visit the wind tunnel many times. And no where in that story does it say what you're falsely trying to suggest it does, that this is their first time in a wind tunnel. In fact, the article says they are riders "with whom we already did multiple tests to optimize their TT position ." When you have to lie to make a point, it's not a very good point.
When you have to lie to make a point, it's not a very good point.
lie or hyperbolize? I'm sorry that you're offended by my interpretation of this story, and simultaneously heartened that you took the time to read the source instead of taking my words at face value. However I have to object to your characterization of my post as "not a very good point". On this forum, pundits like to analyze actual doping but also the messaging around doping, hence the thread titled "most unbelievable doping excuses". This link was not posted there because, well, this one is pretty believable (at least to you ;). No one ever said team QS was stupid. But it's still what I'd classify as a "likely story" if we see notable improvements from these riders next year.