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Questions on a Cannondale Bad Boy

Jun 15, 2010
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I had a look at this bike in my local shop. It had an 8 speed hub, lefty fork and disc brake. I couldn't find this same model on the official site (2010 models). Does anyone know what year this came out?

Can anyone give any thoughts on this bike? I think it's a beauty, I had expected the weight to be too much for me to be happy with, but was pleasantly surprised. My current bike is a Giant FCR2.5 which I like but feel I need something more rugged for my mostly city biking.
Grizzly said:
This is the euro model I'm looking at Bad Boy Ultra 8 (page 31). I had looked at the lefty fork, but like the sturdiness of two.

Haha agreed, the idea of a one sided fork creeps me out, although it probably works fine. Anyhow the one called Fatty SI (with a 2 sided fork) and shock just below the head tube is/was considered a great design. good luck:)