Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Thread

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Man this is such a tragedy. Such a nice guy who never gets many opportunities to display just how talented he is, because of all the time bad luck.

Didn't he already have it as an u23? And that's why he took a long time to turn pro.

Shame for the sport man.

I didn't mean for the Fausto stuff to get so out of hand. I think he is a very underrated rider and also a super nice guy and very passionate about the sport. Always on the attack. So I became a very big fan.

And when I join the forum I was claiming he should be leading the Giro for Quickstep instead of Remco or Almida who I thought didn't have a chance of podium

A lot of people thought this was a strange viewpoint, and so it became a bit of a meme, but I am just a fan of Fausto who wants the best for him.

Last year tendinitis in the Giro and then fracture sacrum in July, this year out with mono. He is really having so much bad luck and he doesn't deserve it.

In short Italian Merckx with the heart of Laporte?
It was a reference to doing all the work and controlling the race for a guy you know isn't going to pull it off. Like Lotto has been doing for decades.

Glad for Evenepoel. Imagine him going solo in the penultimate Mur de Huy. Let's hope team hierarchy had changed now.
Ah I thought it was a reference to fading from past successes.
Still can't see how Remco can win La Flèche but hope to be proved wrong.
For now though so pleased for him.
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