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Race Thread

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Nys is on a steep learning curve and if he has half the grit of his dad, he'll rise to the challenge over the coming years. Meanwhile at the front of the race, Pidders looked very much in control today but going so early in the race? He likes to try and demolorise his rivals I think. Can't wait for the Hulst showdown with the bleached blonde adonis from Flanders!
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Nothing really, other than stating the facts of the results sheet in comparison to the early laps of the race.
I think its good that he get out there and rides with the best for a lap or two, gradually he will hang on longer.
His under 23 results this year have been pretty good. I guess his main aim will be U23 worlds.
I believe he has said he will be more road focused after this season.
Ah that's a nice tv guide thankyou. It just doesn't show up on the app or then the Netherlands "what can I watch" page. I know last year the dutch races in Rucphen and Hoogerheide were only available on NOS. Sporza doesn't seem to work without a vpn which I'm not prepared to pay for.

@Gwbert You are correct. It is the windmill race.
For those with a Dutch IP address, here's the NOS livestream:
Good races in Hulst again. Shame I think they're using the Perkpolder course (seemed like a good course that one time though) for the worlds when it's 'in Hulst'. Shame about the wheel issue for Pidcock. Quiet and calm performance by Nieuwenhuis again which I don't think will make it possible to ride in Antwerpen but should be fine after that.
Pieterse looking the best at staying on the bike again out of the front two while van Anrooij seemed to have an error free race but just a slow start. Also after the Crash Mode lap, there wasn't much change in the time gaps at each check point meaning meaning they were both consistently similar. The biggest difference I think was the first of Pieterse's slide outs at the same point of van Empel which helped bring the gap down slightly.
A good comeback, the form seems good, but a bit rusty on the skills side....but that will come. Strange retirement for Pidcock; looked like the short descent onto the tarmac, and the rear wheel took a hit while he was slightly sideways....And as already noted, Nieuwenhuis continues to impress - I think it's next season were we'll see him even better.

Puck & Fem look a level above everybody else, both in form and skills wise - though both had issues at the same place, though Fem's looked a harder hit; hence the 'Crash Mode' being activated.
VDP on another level already. I think it re-affirms he and Van Aert are a good bit ahead of Pidcock who is in turn a bit ahead of Sweeck, Van der Haar and the Pauwels riders.

Ladies race might have been a real battle if Van Empel had not lost so much time, still happy to see Puck take her second WC. Another U-23 clean sweep, think Brand has had a bad run of luck, but her and Alvardo seem to be the best of the non U-23s. Betesma has been having some awful starts and in the WC races where the fields are deeper, struggles to make it back or maybe she is doing as commentators suggest and focusing on other competitions.

Find it a little bit annoying that Vos is skipping the more technical races, I mean she is the World Champion after all.
Find it a little bit annoying that Vos is skipping the more technical races, I mean she is the World Champion after all.

She picks the races that suit her. It doesn't annoy me, but I can see why you say that; I just think the youngsters are quite a level ahead of her technique wise. And from her brief forays into MTB World Cups, she struggled......Having the best engine is no good if the skills aren't also good. But as I've already said, the Worlds are on a course which will suit her (unless it comes up muddy).