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On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome was this Giro?

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Aug 4, 2011
cineteq said:
40% voted 9???!!!! That says a lot about the quality of the posters of this forum. Sheeps will be sheeps. :eek:
I am a Bertie fan but lets be honest its pretty much the result we thought.
He had no real competition and was always in control IMO.
The highlight for me was Bertie chasing back after he had bike troubles.
Other wise pretty much what we expected apart from Porte's early exit.

Like I said the best Giro of 2015.
Re: Re:

IamIronMan said:
Arredondo said:

If you give a 7 or below, i wonder how high expectacions you have in your daily life.
Apparently, I just wanted to see the best riders actually racing, not babysitting the chosen Italian one. It was painfully obvious Astana were never going to let Landa ride. You must have found 2012 TdF simply riveting.
The 2012 Tour was so dull because of the course and the way Sky further neutralized it.

I'd give this Giro a 9 also because of the weird way Astana interpreted it.
Jun 4, 2015
I would go for 9 because the race for the pink jersey has started since the first week and was very intense. We have seen some very entertaining stage such as the one of the Mortirolo, Monte Ologno or Finestre.
I see some people who say that the level was not very high but I am not sure about that. I remind me that Quintana was not that much better than Aru at last year Giro, that Aru was not far from Purito and Valverde at last year Vuelta. Hesjedal was not far of the level he had at his victory at Giro 2012, Kruisjwik had 2 years off because of health issues but he came back at a good level last year at the Tour and he confirmed that he is very promising for 3 weeks races.
Mikel Landa has showed several times that he could be a furioclasse on the mountains and he showed a consistancy he lacked the last couple of years. I am not sure that lot of riders who wera absent at this Giro could have been able to beat him there.
cineteq said:
40% voted 9???!!!! That says a lot about the quality of the posters of this forum. Sheeps will be sheeps. :eek:
The fact that the fight for the gc wasn't that good in the last week doesn't mean anything. Even in the last week every day had a special story to tell.
1.) Landa dropping aru after AC caught up one minute on mortirolo
2.) A flat stage but still there was pretty much action in the last few km´s
3.) Alberto with his revenge on ologno
4.) Landa must not follow aru so he looses is 2nd place in gc
5.) AC suddenly shows a weakness on finestre
6) The break wins the final pan flat stage of a gt...enough said
I thought it was a good race overall with some great performances. I don't know what really happened with Astana but it appeared they shot themselves in the foot with their tactics on the last two mountain stages. I didn't miss a minute of the available TV coverage. However it is still just the entre for Le Tour. :D
I find it extremely weird that some people prefer a close race that's only raced for 20 minutes or less every other day rather than a proper race full of action far from the finish line but with a solid leader (even if it still feels like the leader could be challenged literally every minute of the race).

I don't get that emphasis on needing a world-class field on paper in order to get a satisfactory race.
Apr 29, 2015

Deducted a point for the GC battle not being very interesting.So many exciting stages,real throwback stuff with attacking racing every day.A great race,next dozen GT's are going to struggle to beat it for pure entertainment.