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Giro d'Italia Rate the 2024 Giro d'Italia Route

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If I have money on Pogacar and he loses 10 minutes on stage 1 I'm not even breaking a sweat. The gap to 2nd best is that enormous.
I think there's a tipping point where 2 things happen.

1. Opposition has such a gap they'll actually believe they can win so they'll chase Pog
2. Pog will have to start making very long solo attacks that will actually start affecting his recovery to the point they're unsustainable. Having said that, the route is actually terrible to start making yolo solo attacks in the mountains.

But I think 10 minutes is still very easy because he should get 5 from the ITTs + boni's alone.

But you made me check the likely field and holy sheeet it is bad
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I checked the start list now and...apart from Thomas, UAE could possibly contend with Majka.. And yeah, that's bad.
Honestly, that Giro route may as well be a perfect preparation for the Tour for Pogacar (while winning a GT in the same time).
I already stated this. The startlist is pretty bad, if we take Pogacar out, we have the worst field ever.
Thomas is past his prime, Cian looks the new Zubeldia and Simon Yates is far from what we saw him doing 6 years ago.
Is missing someone?
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It's not quite Remco, but Reverberi talked a bit about Bardiani's team for the Giro yesterday. 5-6 positions are fixed, and as Pozzovivo, Pellizzari, Covili, Marcellusi and Martinelli will go to Etna after Abruzzo/Trentino, that should normally be 5 of them.

Zanoncello sounds likely to be 1st option for the sprints, potentially with Fiorelli as a leadout, if he can get to 100% (which currently is not the case). Zoccarato and Tarozzi are contenders to get in for the breakaway stages.