Remco Evenepoel

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People get threads in the clinic for all sorts of reasons, some being legit and some being part of a forum members baseless agenda against a rider, but disguised well enough to evade being deleted by mods. With the latter reason being the main driver behind forum policy that requires some sort of proof or evidence that backs up any doping insinuations or allegations. The most difficult thing about enforcing that policy is our ability as a moderation staff to disceminate what can be considered proof/evidence and how do we corroborate that proof/evidence? We do our best to keep the clinic as a discussion forum that includes deserving subjects and not an axe grinding session aimed at British, US, or any other countries riders without cause.
Look at how this topic got started. "Hey guys, are we suspicious of this guy or what do you think? Because i would sure like to be". Triggered because he won the Worlds Juniors last year. By ANY standards, what a kid like Brenner has done this year, is by far more remarkable. Evenepoel was a 2nd year junior, born in January. Brenner is a 1st year junior, born in oktober. That means that 's nearly 2 full years in development between the two, relative to their agebracket. Which is an age difference like night and day at that age. Consider Brenner's 1st year to Evenepoel's 1st year, while being 9 months younger WITHIN that first year, racking up a lot more wins than Evenepoel.

These clinic topics are a farce, not because there shouldn't be talk about doping, asking questions about certain achievements. But because it is all 100% perception, 0% factual. And because people only debate the riders they don't like for whatever reason, they will twist facts to suit their agenda. Case in point the fabrications about how Evenepoel started winning "out of nowhere" this year. He was 4th in Turkey, and could have won there with more experience. Then he showed some sparkles at the UAE tour before crashing out (finishing 15th in a MTF few seconds behind Dumoulin), then Hammer Norway, to go on to do a solo in Hammer Limburg. He won BBT where the main opposition was Campenaerts and Wellens. Then he was 3rd in the NC ITT, behind Lampaert & van Aert. Then (after coming back from his 1st ever altitude camp and losing some weight) he won a stage in AIRace. Then he won CSS and the ECC ITT and silver at the WCC ITT. It's been a steady progression throughout the year, not something that happened overnight. People may find that progression too suspicious by any means, fair enough, but then they get something in their head, and start twisting facts, to fit what they have fabricated in their head. In this scenario, that he only started performing when the poster thinks he likely started doping.

There is no topic on Bernal. No topic on Pogacar. No topic on Brenner. Each of which have performed at least as remarkably relative to their development, if not more, than Evenepoel, but none of them got a thread. While it isn't my intention to point and accuse, it is proof that this forum isn't about "anti-doping", but about fickle people needing to vent and search for whatever they need to convince themselfs that rider A is a bad guy, while rider B (equally suspicious) doesn't interest them all of a sudden. There is no proof here, there is no investigative research or theorizing, it's all quite simply baseless slander, outrage that a certain guy is (according to them) cleary cheating, while the same outrage is completely absent for another rider with similar or better results. Cognitive dissonance at its finest. Then they tell themselves they need to be "vigil" because the sport has a bad rep. But strangely enough they only need to be "vigil" for rider A, and rider B doesn't interest them as much even if he's an even bigger question mark. Because then all of a sudden, the truth, being vigil "in the benefit of the sport", or "keeping people on their toes" isn't that important anymore. To quote Red Rick: "If we can't be suspicious of outliers then we might as well stop pretending we care." But clearly only when the outlier corresponds to certain criteria (paraphrasing "Pogacar doesn't interest me because people don't act like he's the Messiah"). So people care (about the sport) when it concerns some (alledged) cheaters, but not all. And when mods start joining in with what i just described and contribute with undiluted troll posts, it's getting a bit much tbf. Some more fine logic on display: "people don't care about those other riders and don't make topics about them, because nobody defends them all the time." Well, where the hell would you defend them, when they don't even have a clinic topic to begin with? And it also turns out to be a complete lie, as you yourself have witnessed first hand last week when the no-doping-talk policy was exceptionally ignored in the Pogacar thread on the regular forum. One guy was outspoken about how suspicious Pogacar's achievements were, and he got slapped left and right by numerous other posters.

Anyway, forgive me for having a laugh at all these fine people who are "concerned" about the sport when it suits them.
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Need to wait until he's 23-35 in my opinion because that's when your brain and body physiology stops developing and plateaus. He might just be a bit of a freak in that he has little more development still to happen and others will catch up over next few years. It's like at school, when there's always the 6 foot 13 year old with stubble kind of thing.
I know this post is a year old but its still funny to see, after all these years, obviously flawed comparisons to real life and general lack of logic being used to forward the - "doping in cycling- nah" position.

"Always the 6 foot 13 year old". So you are referencing something that by your own admission happens regularly around the world.

Meanwhile here we are talking not about an average kid that you might find one of in every village. Its the best junior in the entire world. And possibly one of the top juniors in history.

So its not your average 6 foot 13 year old.
Its a 1 in a gazillion 7 foot 13 year old.

You want to then say the 7 foot teen is natural or not, be my guest. But be honest about what you are actually talking about.