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"Resign Pat" letter & signatories

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Aug 27, 2012
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Just cleaning up the petition signature list now before sending to Pat@UCI. We ended up with 395 in total to which we need to add some of the ones from this thread. So lets assume 400 signatures in total. Off the petition list we deleted a few along the way and then again at the end that were obvious falsifications. Yes we did have 3 sleepness nights nursing this to conclusion, there were daily attempts to sabotage. Deletions for:

- Daniel Benson (presumably to try and associate CN staff)
- Susan Westemeyer (presumably to try and associate CN staff)
- a senior staff member from CN parent company (presumably as per above, inappropriate)
- Race Radio (presumably an attempt to out him again via the list)
- Ted Crilly (presumably a Polish ghost)
- 3 anonymous posts signing the petition as "corrupt", "ThisPetitionIsUnethical", "cannot support" (begs the question why sign...)
- Riccardo Ricco (another Polish ghost?)
- Anton Underbjerg (a regular change.org pest)

Letter to Pat is as it is on the change.org website. Cover note reads as follows including CN disclaimer (it's the right thing to do):

"Dear Mr. McQuaid

Please find attached a letter, cycling fan signatures and comments from our recent petition asking you to resign your UCI position to facilitate a cleaning up of the sport.

In addition to these signatures, there are forum members at the cycling news web forum “The Clinic” that initiated and support this petition. You can find their expressions here:


Please note that this initiative is in no way associated with Cycling News, they merely host the web forum where members initiated this petition and the open letter to you on the above link.


Fans of cycling"

I will post some basic stats & comments later.
Jul 25, 2009
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Nice stuff tinman, getting it all tidied up. Pretty sure from the numbers at the top of the thread we can say over 400 no?

Funny how all that effort to man it 24/7 turned out to be only a few malicious posts.

And getting up at 3am to check the net seems to have become a habit :(
Jul 25, 2009
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Now that everything is tidied up, I'm moving on with a new project. I've got some help already, but I can always use more, especially a bit further down the track. If you supported the last petition and are interested in helping with a different project, please send me a PM.

I'm going to do most of this project off the forum where its all a bit more peaceful, but will come by and check my PM's. I will continue to communicate with people through @PatMustGo, and very occasionally through the petition email list.

Thanks to those of you who made constructive suggestions.