Richie Porte Discussion Thread.

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In which year will Porte win the GT Treble?

  • He will only manage the double

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I think Porte historically does well on these shorter effort climbs - Willunga, Malhao, short side of Leysin, Mauselaine, murito in the 2018 TdS.

He has looked good on Peyresourde, but he was also given some space there because of the time loss before.

So I think Alps would be a more difficult test.
Not just shorter climbs we just remember those because he targets them like Willunga. Porte also looked comfortable in the Alpes in 2015 and 2016 TdF. I think it was 2015 double ascent of the Alpe where he had to sit up for Froome when he helped save Froome's Tour? Yes he is older now but he is looking much better than I expected. Not bad.

I hope he can hang in there. He has come out and said he will ride as a domestique next season so it really would be good to see him finally deliver a good GC result in his last serious attempt to lead in GC.
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^^Have no idea but the descents today are not that treacherous. Now, if they were going off Roselend toward Areches via the dam, it would be a different story.

There are a couple of very tight hairpins on the D925 descent toward Beaufort, but the road between Les Saisies and Aravis is pretty wide and well paved.

I'm hopeful he can keep a Top 5, although for Porte/Landa/Yates/Uran today's stage is a minefield. If one of them is on the back foot we're talking 5-10 minutes if Van Aert is leading the field up to Glieres...
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