Richie Porte meme: "We were the first ones to do it..."

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Electress said:
mrhender said:
We were the first to tell tennis players to harden up... Only to be called doping stars in return....

Now we call Aru's lawyer..
Froome…what with the climb, the wiggo debacle, twitterspats…he sure knows how to win friends and influence people :rolleyes:
It was such a silly tweet it makes me think Michelle sent it. It was only a few weeks ago that a race was cancelled in Frankfurt based on a terrorist threat so security is a very real concern. Not to mention the idiot spectators that have caused crashes in this Giro. It's either Michelle being a fuckwit or Froome is bored out of his mind in Tenerife.
Apr 3, 2011

thehook said:
We were the first ones to lose 27 minutes in a Giro stage when I was the #1 rider in my team.

And we will be the first to attack the time limit in Aprica if Brailsfraud won't approve DNS.