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Rigoberto Uran discussion thread.

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Mar 12, 2018
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He was struggling to hang on before Roubaix, this is just well timed excuse to spare blushes. He's been crap all season, highly doubtful he can fix all that in 2 months till Vuelta
Rigo has been out of problems this frst week, something not very ussual along his career, and he has a strong team doing a big job everyday. He is in good shape, and he has been second in Giro and Tour.
The ITT is good for him, he is not good in short ITT at the begining of a race, he didnt took risk at the first ITT so he did a bad one, but anyway he has been strong in the rest of the Vuelta so far, although he is a man for third week.

This Vuelta The key stages are the ITT and Andorra last stage, and Rigo could be very strong in both of them, but of course every day is important.

I hope he recover the attack of his first years, but I am afraid he will be quite conservative as he was n the Tour, when he could have won it if he attack in Peyragudes stage after SKy crash...he just did a semi attack in a descent in all the Tour...Of course it could be the best estrategy to get the best result, but that way is almost impossible to win and cycling fans demand other kind of cycling.
He say he dont have the explosivity if the young people, we knows that is quite unefective to do a expectacular Giro as Yates if you dont have the lesgs at the end of the race, but people remember his Giro and all his performances.

But anyway now Rigo is after Quintana thee main favourite of this Vuelta. Both of them are among the best riders for 3 weaks. Quintana of course has won already the Vuelta to Froome and Contador, and he look now at that level. But Rigo could do a better ITT.

Escarabajo said:
Rigo is under the radar once again.

The problem with him now is that he does not have the strength to distance other main GC contenders in neither the mountains nor the TT. In the past he used to be able to put a big gap in the TT.

Well, you dont need that, you just need to be the best in 3 weeks. every day counts. Kelderman has lost time, but he looks here very strong.

If you were talking about Roglic you will say. He can put time on the ITT almost to everybody.

This is last year Tour de France ITT, Rigo put time on Roglic and all his rivals for GC except Froome.


movingtarget said:
Uran hardly in the form he was in in last year's Tour but this race is still wide open.

I see him at the similar level. He did the same bad initial ITT than in the Tour, and later he is always with the best. His time is the last week, especially the ITT, although he should move to the top 5 this weekend. At the moment Quintana shows a little bit stronger, but Quintana could fade a little at the end. Everything could change in Andorra.
^^I agree. The team set him up but he couldn't capitalize. Woods is a pretty strong one-day rider so he might have been able (with a strong Uran) to shed at least a few of the contenders. To be fair, though, everyone in top 15 seems to be at the same level right now and the rain shower made the roads slippery -- hard to take any chances.
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Koronin said:
Mayomaniac said:
Alexandre B. said:
I wonder how many english speaking fans actually know how big of an extrovert Rigo is.

I think at least a portion of the Slipstream fans know. English speaking fans outside of their fan base no idea.

While still riding for QS he, made an ad riding completely naked. So yeah, I kind of figured by then. :lol: