Saxo get s=xy with new sponsor and Columbia add krappy cellphone company

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Angliru said:
Quite nice. Cervelo and Caisse have the most tasteful kits.

The Cervelo kit is "safe." Same with Caisse. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But I think they're kind of boring. ISD is definitely my favorite kit in the pro peloton right now. It's gaudy, which is crucial for getting that much-needed TV camera attention.

I think Astana has to be one of the most hideous kits out there. No wonder the sponsors didn't want to pay their bills.

Someone mentioned that was a nice kit (lol). I'm thinking I might bid on this set here...


That is so sweet. I would look pimp in this. Actually, if someone buys it for me and sends it to me, I will put it on and walk around the "financial district" (hahah) in Pittsburgh on a weekday at lunch time. lol.
Mar 31, 2009
whiteboytrash said:
Seriously whats going on at Columbia ? First they have the worst kit design this century and now they add the iPhone rip off cellphone company HTC to their title sponsor.... they need to go.

Meanwhile Saxo get even better with a cool new sponsor....... Riis is a legend not to mention a marketing genius.

Playitas – a Spanish holiday resort operated by travel services company Apollo, has signed on as a co sponsor for the Saxo Bank team. New kit is expected to be ready in time for the Tour de France.

HTC Corporation, a manufacturer of mobile phones, has announced a partnership with the Columbia Highroad team that will go into effect at the Tour. The team currently called Columbia-Highroad, and known in 2008 and 2009 as the team with the most victories in professional cycling, will compete as “Team Columbia-HTC” and will present the new team uniform in Monaco on July 3, the day before the start of the 96th Tour de France.

How about you go outside and ride your bike instead of whining, b*tching and generally just bumping you gums on a message board.