Sibiu Cycling Tour 2020, July 23 - 26, Romania

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Lequack said:
So basically this leaves three guys for the overall GC?
"Yes, Badilatti had not been in the picture the whole time and in the end he was really close to the Bora guys... "

After Badilattis poor proloque its basically only 2 guys left unless something weird happens. It will be interesting to see if the bonusseconds in the gifted sprint today will actually decide the overall race. It could be close between Konrad and Mühlberger.
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Climbing ITT is already taking place, the top ones like Kondrad and Muhlberger are just about to start.

There is also a regular road stage later in the day.

Stage 3a (ITT) » Curmătura Ștezii › Arena Platos (12k)

Stage 3b » Sibiu › Sibiu (102.6k)

I have to say this is a beautiful ITT route, weaning through the forest and nature. And the nice weather helps too.

Also, Muhlberger already has 10 seconds advantage at the first checkpoint @ 4,5km over his teammate Konrad.
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Mühlberger smashed the ITT over 1min ahead of Badilatti, who finished 2sec ahead of Konrad.
Rather small gaps between the riders behind Mühlberger, but he was clearly on another level. He always had more potential than Konrad in the high mountains (he helped him on the queenstage of the 2017 Giro and was one of the strongest domestiques on the final mountain stages in the Alpes durning the last Tour).
Is there any youtube footage of the mountain stage?
not on Youtube, I think, but you can rewatch it on