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Simeoni suspended

Mar 19, 2009
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is there a thread for this allready I did not notice:S, but there could be, or maybe he doesn´t deserve a thread, like he doesn´t deserve to be in the giro, he´d love that.

He´s suspended for 4 months for the handing back of the jersey incident. I think this is a bit harsh, although maybe they will say it started when he gave it back or something. But 4 months is a quite a big suspension I think, i suppose he should get some punishment.

The italian federation seems to have a few problems with this jersey.
Mar 18, 2009
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frizzlefry said:
Once a douche always a douche.

Says the biggest Lance Leghumper on this forum...

Simeoni hasn't done anything wrong other than break the "Omerta" and call Lance, et al, out on their drug use and for fraternizing with known dope peddlers, making him the pariah of the peleton. The Giro organizers know all about his status, and that his presence may bring unwanted negative attention to their race in the media, hence his exclusion.

As for the Italian Federation, as much noise as they make about anti-doping you would think they'd have made Simeoni their poster boy. However, as evidenced by their reaction to Pozzato's non-standard Italian Champion's jersey, you don't mess with the Red, White and Green. Simeoni sending the jersey back was a mortal insult to the federation (and a bit histrionic, IMO), hence the ban.
Jun 16, 2009
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telling the truth under oath in court with no reason to lie makes you a douche?

Then sending your jersey back in protest when a very rich man who slandered you then verbally assaulted you on international television wants to ride your local race and your team suddenly gets uninvited?

There is absolutely no way that anyone with a properly functioning brain can think that Simeoni is anything other than a victim of a corrupt and filthy system, both in the sense that he doped himself, and was vilified for talking about it.


So four months for giving back a jersey, and 1 month for trying to steal someone elses..

Maybe theo bos should have given impey a national champions jersey ;)

its a funny ole game..