Sixth anniversary of Pantani's death

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Sad that three quarters of this thread is discussion about doping.

Pantani should only be honored for his magnificence. Not being scrutinized for his usage of doping. That was the time. Accept it and if you don't like him maybe its better to not say anything at all.
Barracuda said:
Never really understood the hero worship of Pantani when on another thread there is 101 posts of all who hate and admonish a certain american star.

Whats the supposed difference between the two if all the haters/fans are right?

It has been stated like 2 billion times that the hate for Armstrong is not because of doping but because so many other things that you can find in the forum everywhere. And that applies for Landis now. I guess.

By the way, I liked Pantani like I like any other attacking rider in the Tour.


Nov 22, 2009
The dichotomy between the treatment of Pantani and other cyclists is sheer agony for me.

I just felt I needed to say that. You are welcome.
May 6, 2009
flicker said:
I get my info from champions. They said Pantani was nothing without dope.

If it had been just PEDs he was on I could forgive. The recreational drug use I could forgive. Putting both together then having people idolize Pantani, I just don't get it.
Pantani doped, but at least he wasn't boring. From what I read in his biography, Pantani did coke because he had way too much money for his own good (he owned several properties which collected him a fair bit in rent).
Jul 25, 2009
ravens said:
The dichotomy between the treatment of Pantani and other cyclists is sheer agony for me.
I suspect all this respectful admiration has much to do with the fact that Pantani is dead. A while ago someone posted along the lines of..."hate to think my comments may have contributed to his death" (can't remember who, sorry). Pantani had his turn in the court of public onpinion.