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So what's the new scandal?

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Jun 16, 2009
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theswordsman said:
That would be sweet. Or results of CERA retests from the 2008 Giro? We've got a backlog of news they owe us.

RhodriM said:
Forgotten all about that too... how much stuff have they promised that we haven't seen yet?

Ferminal said:

Bye Bye Bertie, Bye Bye RadioShack... Menchov to take the win :D

theswordsman said:
If Contador goes, I'll be clocking out too. I've got the French Open playing in the background to ease the transition. What's got me concerned out of all this is the "Pepe the 'trainer'" mention from 2003. I didn't know until I read it at Astanafans that Alberto is trained by Pepe Marti. I saw that he was with Discovery before Astana, but don't know about 2003, or if there was another Pepe around.

On the OCLAESP, I've never considered Contador to be in the running. Leipheimer crashed out, leaving seven guys who followed Armstrong and Bruyneel to Radio Shack. It wouldn't make sense that six of them would have done infusions and left one out. Besides, if Lance knew Contador could be busted for something, he would have made sure he got caught.

Ferminal said:
No, but he would be in the running for the Giro 2008 samples.

Although the fact that the Tour 2008 retests found no CERA positives would indicated that the Giro ones could be the same.

FKLance said:
lol, please, I think there's no way we'll ever see the 2008 giro retests!! must be something big from the US if Dominguez knows.. Feel like watching a car crash..

Mellow Velo said:
IF it's the Giro, it'll be the 2008 version, not 2010, I reckon.

Frosty said:
My thoughts too. Unless a positive or two is about to be announced, or something suspicious has been found. Hopefully we'll know what (if anything)it is soon.

Isn't it just the moment for the UCI to come clean and to bring out now these UCI cover-up results from that GIRO 2008 re-tested samples ... with Berti in the ropes !

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