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Stage 19, Avellino - Vesuvio, 164km

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Apr 12, 2009
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You know what I like about Liquigas one day the set up basso the next day it's pelizotti, I've never seen both of them finish a mountain stage together this whole giro
Parrot23 said:
Okay, thanks. The qualifier, without Menchov 2/3rd is important.

Addition: wow, the math is key here. Throw in a flat at the wrong time, and things get dicey very fast for anybody. Michael Barry said weather forecast for Rome Sun TT is rain, and there are cobbles on the course.

The riders, led by Armstrong, will refuse to ride it. Too dangerous. :)

Nice crowds.

Time for the break to sit up. Now the real fun begins.
Mar 10, 2009
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kjetilraknerud said:
Looks almost like the last km before a sprint, with all the trains trying to position their riders. Spezialetti will probably lead out for Di Luca :D

too bad Brown isn't there for Menchov... he could jock for some positions...