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Strade Bianche 2024, March 2, one-day classic (men's)

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This is from 2021. At that time Lenny was indeed not yet in their team, but he was part of their structure. Despite not having an official junior team, FDJ often sponsors juniors with gear and equipment. Lenny Martinez, Eddy Le Huitouze and Titouan Fontaine in the past, Baptiste Gregoire (younger brother of Romain) now. You can even find Vlad Van Mechelen in FDJ gear, despite obviously never making it to an official FDJ team.
Philippe Gilbert would be the most famous example!
Considering Strade Bianche being tailor made for him, I guess it's not really. But it still feels like he should have won a race where the winners come from a spectrum ranging from Cancellara to Kwiatkowski. If Cancellara, MvdP, WvA, etc. have all won it, he really should have too.
Cancellara and MvdP have much better results in attritional one day races, and Van Aert as well is simply much better in races with more climbing than Sagan.

There's definitely weaker winners than Sagan on the winners list of Strade, but nearly all of them are better monument riders or better climbers.
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Tailwind on the upcoming sector.


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