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Strade Bianche 2024, March 2, one-day classic (men's)

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I gave you the current pogacar's FTP-431W, current weight 65.5 kg, calculate w/kg yourself 😉, I gave you what "Inigo san Millan famous "zone 2" means, which is 5.0-5.5 w/kg, now I'm giving you info that Pogačar trains 3 times a week on a much improved Colnago T1 bike and I can tell you that he improved on the UAE test track in Valencia at 30 km compared to last year by 45 seconds (Remco, fisherman watch out), in short Pogačar 2024 is fear and trembling for everyone, it is still questionable how he will solve the problem with the heat on the Tour, that is still being worked on, the new coach Sola and the best expert in that field (his name is kept secret) will be at the altitude training after the Giro and will try to implement new techniques in training for the Tour, stay well everyone, pozz
I would be very surprised if Pogacar would attack from a great distance.

It is possible that after a few accelerations by Poga, Pidcock and a few other top riders, a (large) leading group will break away at 50 or 60 km from the finish. Like when Van Aert and VDP won, Poga (if he has the legs) will pull away 15 to 20 km from the finish. If he is countered, or if he is not good enough, I can see Pidcock riding away on a gravel strip (downhill?)
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