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I'm just pulling your leg.

I honestly don't agree with any of the final predictions regarding this TdF being thrown around at this point, at all. I find everyone overrated & equally underrated at the same time. Pogacar isn't God on a bike, Jonas V isn't the new best thing & Ineos won't magically develop super tactics. There's also a huge heatwave coming to France over the next two weeks (check the forecasts, it looks brutal).
I believe that Vinge is upgraded compared to last year and unfortunately for Pog it will be hot already during Alpine stages (and even worse afterwards). The race is far from over and I rate Vinge's chances pretty high i.e. at least 30 percent.
Yes, this one.

I think the "you left me too early" followed by Majka's "yes, sorry, sorry, sorry" indicates a quite clear power dynamic. But yeah, not that bad obviously.
Of course there is leader dynamic, but I do not think the “cycling is just fun” is an act. He just loves riding his bike and most of all winning.

I think he felt a bit stress on the Planche stage because it was la plance and with his girlfriend waiting and the foundation being launched…
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Sep 12, 2019
He is prepared to race in heat, was twice on Alpe d'Huezu at 37 degrees celsius.