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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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He can win later. In 3 years, MVP and WVA will be no longer at their top level.
There is no later in sports. Sagan is still waiting for his turn to win Sanremo, Quintana is at 0 when it comes to his many TdF victories. By the time we have reached 'later', a new phenom will have taken their place. Albert Withen Philipsen, for example.
Pog can use Giro as Tour prep and still winning it.
Perhaps he could, but the point is, it's doubtful that's the optimal prep. Altitude camp and Giro, done correctly, has the possibility to see him in better shape than he's ever been, which he will need if he is to have a shot at Vingo. Many seem to assume he will come out of the Giro tired and less than 100% for the Tour, but I'm not so sure. A Pog in this kind of shape, nearing his physical prime, just might be the guy who could come out of an altitude camp and the Giro totally flying. In for a penny, in for a pound.
He is clearly even better then in the last years. He wasn't even pushing really hard in the last 20km.
Sounds like his biggest test was getting the song in his head for the last 2 hrs to go away. His interview at the finish is all I've seen and it's pretty good. Middle of the race was tough and no one responded to his effort to thin the small front pack.
After that it's all your own rythm, which is good aside from the song....
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Great. Now you half ass the Giro and you're suboptimally prepared for Giro/Tour double.
Any attempt at the Giro is usually sub optimal prep for the TdF but not the double. Not sure where altitude training fits in but why would trying to win the Giro underdone* leave you sub optimally prepared for the TdF? It might actually result in the opposite with this guy?

How else can he realistically optimize for the Giro/Tour double?

*Remember the Giro this year has less climbing and the competition doesn't look very stiff although there are a bunch of 2nd tier contenders. So depending how the Giro is raced there is a chance Pogacar won't be cooked and his body recovers just in time for the TdF.