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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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Teddy reckoning Poggio:

I can't wait to MSR. Will he finally prevail in the race? Will MVP smash everyone again or be weaker this time around? Will another guy make his decisive move on the descent? Will we have some action on Cipressa?
Maybe he means mental capabilities and when he wisens up he just starts racing more passively

It's not about wisening up, it's about more power:

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If that was 85%, all I know is that Pogi could win the Giro at 75% max.

The only thing Im really, really bummed about with his planning this year is the fact that he won't ride my favorite race. And I will even be in attendance in Flanders.. all good if he beats Vingegaard in July though. Il Giro? Meh, if were to trust the TrainingPeaks-hacker, he will win with 15 minutes at minumum. I guess that will be somewhat entertaining in itself.
here is another "secret" why Vingo is better than Pogi in the 3rd week of the tour, Pogi's biggest problem until this year was the heat of 33+ degrees and it slowly drains his energy and he doesn't have the recovery he would otherwise have and he is a fighter and he gives more than 100% both mentally and physically and that comes to the fore in the 3rd week where he breathes through his gills, he has the best recovery of all, including Vingegard, and we would see that at the Giro where Vingegard will never, ever beat Pogi where the temperatures are up to 20 degrees and rainy weather, since this is the first time Pogacar has been working with heat training properly since he got rid of that charlatan Inigo and wore at Strade Bianche Core device for the 1st time in his life, put on a heart rate strap and the info I have is that the heat training will be started seriously after Catalunya
best grand tour selection: Bjerg (Pollit), Domen Novak (Pogi assistant, water bottles, gels, protection from the wind), Wellens (Pogi man for mild and explosive hills), Morgado (for covering the escape in the initial 50km on medium hills), Majka (road captain Pogi, the most important man for the atmosphere in the team and for the 1st tow on the hills), Del Toro (the tow of more serious attacks 2-3 tiers-Hindley, Kuss), Yates (the last man for big hills), Pogi..... ..everyone else is either not good enough or brings a problem to the team
This team selection is very far away from the team Pogi will have with him in France. Del Toro and Morgado are too young, no chance of them being at the Tour this year, and Novak barely raced with Pogi last year (Paris-Nice and San Remo the only races?) and is scheduled for the Giro, so not going to the Tour either.

What’s wrong with a guy like McNulty btw? He was pretty damn good in the Tour’22, and seems to ride well with Pogacar.
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the answer to everyone who doesn't understand the point, Pogi is better than Vingegard in everything and recovery on the grand tour, classics, he has a better sprint, the only reason Vingegard beats Pogi on the Tour for the last 2 years is because Vingegard has a perfect training plan, perfect nutritionists and they focus on the smallest details, while Pogačar was trained for the last 5 years by the biggest fraudster among the elite coaches, Inigo San Millan, do you know that only this year Pogi started using Core and heat training WTF, that only this year he had a perfect winter with the right program and coach Sola, who is a top expert, do you know that the pace this year on the Strade Bianche from the beginning of the race leading to the Sante Marie sector was 30% higher compared to 2022 and that Pogi was better by 2 minutes compared to 2022 from the moment attacks to the end of the sector and he attacked in an approximate place despite a 30% harder race, this Pogacar has nothing to do with the one of the last 5 years and I can assure you that Vingegard has no chance in all the races on the calendar against Pogacar except for the tour where he will be 65: 35 in favor of Pogi, his 2 weaknesses so far have been heat and altitude hills, but only because he has not been adequately trained until this year, the San Millan clown wore him out at the altitude camp before the tour, so that the heat and fatigue from the hard camp in 3 week tired and now there won't be any more, Pogi will have an even better recovery in the 3rd week than Vingo, I repeat you have never seen anything like this before and everyone will have questions over their heads regarding Pogacar, starting with giro 😉😉😅😅😅
the answer to everyone who doesn't understand the point, Pogi is better than Vingegard in everything and recovery on the grand tour
Look, you called me a troll the last time by only stating that Pogacar will not be the favourite for this year's Tour either because he already had no chance the last two years against July Vingegaard (I know there was a story each year that might explain parts but this year there is an equal story if not a bigger - the Giro in his legs). And other than the Tour we don't really have comparison points on GT recovery between the two. Its not even that Pogacar is bad in that sense (showed this against Roglic or in his first Vuelta) but Vingegaard turns into a monster that wins an ITT with 3 minutes over van Aert. I just can't see Pogacar overcoming this with a Giro in his legs. If he does, astounding and an all-time great performance. But I can't see it. I do, myself, buy into the heat argument as well but there I just wonder if thats really trainable at all.
Emotions have curiously turned 180 degrees for some fans regarding the indomitable Pog and his rivalry with Vingo. After the last two years, it is Vingegaard who is now regarded as an unbeatable robot and Pogi as the underdog. I've been concerned that Pog's doing the Giro will put too much mileage into his legs when July comes around ... but maybe I'm wrong (hoping). That performance at Strade Bianche was a proper thermo-nuke strike.
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