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A lot is about my natural abilities, it's in the genes apparently. Although my parents weren't professional athletes. I was born with a fantastic regeneration gift, I haven't dug deep into it, but that's what my trainer says. I'm like, great, if you say so (laughs). Because of that I can train more, but I have to be careful not to overtrain. But you can improve your regeneration with training of course, if you know what you are doing.
Terrible news for Poga's future GT rivals. His best performances (stages #20 at Vuelta and Tour) only confirm that.
Where do you find these? xD

Not much about pro cycling, more about life itself, here you go.

Hello to Tadej Pogačar, my fellow countryman. What are your childhood memories?
Pretty nice memories. I grew up in a family with older brother and younger sister. I did a lot of sports, got friends at school. I got everything I wished for. I grew up with sport and that path led me to cycling.

What does cycling mean to you personally?
It is a big part of my life. I am not sure what I would do if I did not have a bike. I always wanted to be a pro cyclist so I am happy I made it and where I am now. I try some cyclocros in the winer and some mountain biking, but not much. Just to switch the rhytm a little bit.

What does it mean to you to tackle the challenges and your life path?
That is one of the most important things. To try and fulfill your dreams. Stay concentrated, not drift off the path and achieve your goals.

Where do you get the strength to follow your goals?
Not sure. Probably from people around me. Family, friends, the team, they give me extra motivation.

How do you deal with obstacles?
In my career I did not have many obstacles. There are occasional falls but whenever something bad happens you know there are many more chances ahead so you should not give up. If you can't bring yourself up this year there is always next year.

You are 22 years old. How do you balance your professional and private life?
You have to give up the partying with your friends and whatnot, if you want to achieve anything in professional sports you have to pretty much forget about it. With the training and travelling there is not much time left for other things. I tried to attend faculty also but it was simply not possible due to lack of time.

What would you say are three most fundamental values in life?
Family, friends, home, beeing free on the bike.

What does that mean?
To get on the bike and be independent of anything but yourself and your bike, enjoying nature, testing your limit and doing what you like. That means a lot.

What is your message to kids in this times?
It is unpleasant situation but we have to go through it, it is an ordeal we need to go through and it will be over sooner or later. We just need to accept it, find something to do and work together.
thank you!!! I might be fangirling about Tadej at the moment :blush::tearsofjoy:
More here:

"UAE Team Emirates team manager Mauro Gianetti said last month the vaccinations were planned at the training camp.
Gianetti had taken part in the phase three trials of the Sinopharm vaccine.
The vaccine, developed by the China National Pharmaceutical Group, was approved for emergency use in the UAE in September."

So while it may look like they are cutting in line, UAE has had this vaccine available since September already. I'm sure they could have waited but if they plan to race in January/February then it makes sense to protect your riders if possible.

And also as someone else mentioned, since a lot of people are afraid to take the vaccine, having known personalities to promotoe vacciation is also a good thing. Someone who was doubting it first might see this and decide to get vaccinated after all.
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It also appears that this vaccine is available currently to the general public there. You just have to call and request it. The Pfizer vaccine is only available to health care workers and at risk people. It sounds like they didn't cut in any line to get this one. One other thing to remember is that the vaccine they received is not available in Europe or North America and likely won't be.
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