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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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I’ve had doubts about Pogacar at over 2,000 metres ….. until today. That answered any lingering doubts. It also validates Red Rick’s theory that ability at altitude is as much about form as it is genetics.

Personally while today was epic, albeit several levels below Pantani Les Deux Alpes, it will be a little empty if he can’t carry this level into the 3rd week of the TdF.

When was the last time anyone led GC in a grand tour after 14 stages by this margin?

I think he will ride conservatively until stage 20 when he can “do his thing” as Geraint Thomas put it. Doing so might also remind any doubters and rival teams of his recovery abilities.
Several levels below Pantani? Really? Im not trolling just curious because i think he was incredible today
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I was actually one of those that after the 2019 Tour thought Ineos transitioned from Wiggins to Froome to Thomas and for the next years Bernal will win GTs. While obviously no one could foresee Bernal’s accident, I am wuite confident that with the rise of Pogacar and Vingegaard that anyway Bernal would have never matched them. Really crazy to see how far above the rest they are.
Do we have other examples for that? Contador and Schleck obviously also did some stand stills in the mountains before dropping anyone again. But realistically - their margins were never as big. Armstrong and Ullrich? Maybe.
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Why not? Usually it's the third week that does the damage. Greatest winning margin in that time frame was 11'26" in 1965 (next in line are 2006 and 1973).
Cause going back to the mid 1950s is an extremely long time and includes the times of Anquetil, Merckx and Hinault beating up pub riders in the time when they though riding on alcohol was a great idea
Okay, but I'd guess the commentator said for the Giro, and it's true for that.

Back then they had a nice 282 km mountain stage:

(and the next day they had to alter the route as they couldn't descend Stelvio)
Btw, back 70 years ago that 1954 Giro was won in the first week with the OG L'Aquila breakaway. On stage 6 Carlo Clerici went from being +19'39" in GC to lead the race by 13'43" (he took more than half an hour on Koblet that day, and won the Giro by 24'16").

The Pereiro of the Giro. Sometimes, it confuses me that he had time to win in the Bartali/Coppi era where Fiorenzo Magni also squeezed in three GC wins (okay, I know Bartali was done by 1954 but still).
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