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Tadej Pogačar Giro 2024 performance compared to the next WADA clean cyclist? Asking for a friend

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I appreciate your response and understand your perspective. I’m not a medical expert either, but this seems like the right place to ask about such topics. Yes, I’m aware that you are from Australia, and the article I mentioned is Australian ( ABC News report ). From what I’ve read, Cadel Evans has maintained a clean record, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with believing in that. It’s natural to trust people and hope that both the UCI and the riders honor their responsibilities as role models.

I am not a little boy
Okay, thanks for that. Not that it should matter much, but I’m from the U.S.
Yes, I understand your question. IMO, I don't know. LeMond said he was clean & never used PEDs in his career (?). One of his main rivals, Fignon, said he used amphetamines throughout his career - and actually tested positive for such.

The PEDs of choice in the 80s were primarily amphetamines, anabolic steroids, testosterone & corticosteroids. But these were minuscule compared to the 02-vector power of EPO, especially with high-responders.

Furthermore, I don't think it's possible that LeMond ever used EPO. The way he & Fignon got dropped in the Peleton like they were amateurs. Lol. And look at the rocket fuel performances of the 90s with the dramatic increases in climbing speeds - it was absolutely crazy! (check out the top-10 times up Alpe d'Huez). Big Mig, Pantani, Riis, Ullrich, Rominger, etc. It got so bad that Riis said using EPO wasn't considered cheating, as it was "the normal preparation of a professional cyclist." Lol!
ah, Bjarne <3

Given all his statements at the time and after, everything his teammates said about him and his character and actions in the past 40 years I believe Greg. He was always consistently outspoken, and like Nomad said, the kind of boosts you can get from steroids and amphetamines in endurance sports are not insurmountable in comparison with blood vector doping. The speeds they were going in 80s GTs were not particularly fast.

Btw EPO was in use in the late 80s but I don't think they had a full grasp on how to use it effectively yet like they would later, you have to supplement it with iron and stuff, some of those guys were just raw dogging it and hoping for the best.