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Team Ineos Discussion thread

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I am almost sure that unless some unexpected thing happens, Bernal and Froome will be line-up in the Tour as Ineos leaders with Carapaz as a super domestique coming from the Giro and someone in which Bernal trusts like Sivakov, Sosa and Hart will be there too.
Giro: Thomas Carapaz Amador Sosa Sivakov Geoghegan Hart Moscon Ganna

Tour: Froome Bernal Dennis Kwiatkowski Van Baarle Castroviejo Rowe + 1 of Thomas/Carapaz
A bit short on the climbers for the Tour team on that parcours. I'd expect Sivakov to be there for the experience and Amador. Even if Dennis signs I can't see him being selected with the Olympic TT as his main goal.

Tour: Froome, Bernal, Amador, Sivakov, Thomas, Castroviejo, two of Kwiatkowski, Van Baarle & Rowe. One of these will be ill/injured though.
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I think that the Giro (as co-leader) with Carapaz would be a good opportunity for Thomas, as we are anticipating more ITT kms. But if he prefers to go to the Tour than Ineos will allow him to as a third protected rider. I think that Sivakov should also be protected and get to ride at the Giro and Vuelta; he could top 5 in one next season.
Both are claiming they over trained
According to the Gazzetta Moscon gained 8 kilos in liquids during the Tour and for this reason couldn't climb, theoretically that also explains why he was suddenly good at the Worlds were there was only rolling terrain but not in the Italian races.

Regarding Kwiatkowski IMHO more than over training he over raced last year going to Poland just after the Tour and then wanting to go even to the Vuelta to try the GC exploding after a week but continuing the race instead of taking a needed rest.