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Team Ineos Discussion thread

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Under the radar a bit because of the Jumbo shitshow but what a pathetic display today. Not only being put into the dirt by Bora and daddy Pogacar once again but taking ages to contribute to the chase. Thomas never putting his nose into the wind and totally relying on Van Aert to bring them back. Can't wait for pointless trains in the mountains that do nothing.
Very glad Hindley wiped the floor with them in the Giro.

Thomas was involved in a crash with some Bahrain riders and was riding a damaged bike.
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Thomas was taken out by the big Bahrain crash and had a broken bike for the final 30km so couldn't do anything as stuck in one gear he said. Used up Pidcock to get back to the group. Arguably Van Baarl could have been used more wisely like Pidcock was, but who knows.

Van Baarle was left in the front group before having a puncture and dropping back to finish about 9 mins behind. Can only assume it took so long get a wheel change he was passed by the Thomas group and therefore couldn't assist.

Apparently Yates was held up by another crash in the front group which is why he ended up with Thomas / Vino. Seemed happy to have limited his losses.
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These guys can be criticized as much as you like but end of the day they only lost 13 seconds to Pogacar while only draining a bit of energy from some of their domestiques. All three captains fully in contention to fight for the podium spots still.

So the outcome of the race was near perfect for them.
you can't lose 13 seconds to pogacar ha. they aren't going to gain it back in the mountains...so they've just lost a potential day to gain time, at the very least you make sure you don't lose time.
Totally agree, Ineos & Arkea saved some matches today at Jumbo's expense for 13s on Pog who, would seem impossible to beat anyway, so I think the race is for 2nd & 3rd until there's an opportunity to exploit with Pog and he seems just on a different level, almost immune like Froome in many ways to bad luck somehow.
Don't understand why they didn't contribute more to the chase, with a few teams going for it they could gotten a lot closer to Pog, perhaps even catching him.

They only had Pidcock as a dom, and he buried himself. They weren't prepared to invest in their leaders putting their nose in the wind. Not sure what happened to DvB though. At one point, he stayed with the Vlasov group, and stayed there when G and the gang were behind, then seemed to disappear and finish 10 mins down.
The question is: Are they willing to use their numbers before they are distanced by Pog for good. But htat's a question mainly for Next Week. The SPDBF doesn't give any opportunities other than go with the group and at the finish some will loose 10 other 20 seconds. So I guess they will be as inactive as they were before.