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Team Ineos Discussion thread

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Re: Team Sky Discussion thread

Sky's Tour Team 2017.

I love speculating about this and it's going to be interesting to see how it ends up, but for sure it will be very similar to 2016 and very strong again.

Sky Tour Team (guaranteed people)
1 Froome
2 Poels
3 Quiatkowski
4 Stannard
5 Rowe
6 Henao
7 Thomas

Other potential riders:
Kiri, Landa, Moscon, Nieve

Landa was pretty useless at last year's tour so I think he might skip it and target the Vuelta.
Moscon has been great this year, but with the racism issue, he will miss the Dauphine and Tour de Suisse.
I fully expect Nieve to go.
Kiri could go, he was good after the giro last year.

So I'd expect Nieve and Kiri.
Jun 30, 2014
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Re: Team Sky Discussion thread

Oliwright said:
Knees hasn't done the Tour since 2012 so I really doubt he's anything more than a reserve.
Yes, he was one of Bradley's boys, maybe that's one of the reasons why he's not part of Froome's team.
Re: Re:

Billie said:
Pricey_sky said:
Billie said:
Poels is so overrated. People were actually claiming he was the 2nd best rider in le Tour last July :eek:

As a GT leader I agree, however he will be one of the strongest if not the strongest mountain doms in the Tour if he's recovered from his injuries, as he was last July.

He was one of the strongest in the mountains on only 2 or 3 days.

But that's all Sky needs off him. If he's up there with the handful of GC riders on the 3/4 key mountain days Froome will be in a very strong position. He isn't needed for the flat/hilly days.
Stage 12, Stage 15, Stage 17, Stage 19, Stage 20.
He was arguably the best domestique in all these 5 stages and arguably stronger than many GC rivals if we take these stages individually. Only MTF where he wasnt a part of was Andorra-Arcalis.
While looking back on the Giro i ponder what the reaction would have been if Thomas and Landa hadn't crashed and had been in the Quintana/Nibali role on the sh1tgate stage. I imagine the hive mind would have reacted slightly differently.