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If Valverde effectively is done, then who will be Movistar's GT contender besides Mas?
Up until last year they had Alejandro and Quintana (and Carapaz also), now they have Mas, but what about the next 2/3 years? Any young gun? Any hiring?
Soler isn't obviously an option to top-5, even top-10 is doubtful apart from a field like this year Giro.
The big signing so far is Cortina, but he's a classics rider and sprinter.

If this Giro is saying anything about the young kids on the team there, then Samitier is the better option to Rubio.

Here's the big thing for them. If Mas proves this year he can do the Tour/Vuelta combo they'll be happy enough as they don't really care that much about the Giro and put much more into the Tour and Vuelta.
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I'm not sure what Mas' peak is, heck not sure anyone actually is. However, today was a very good sign for Mas for fighting for the podium. Unfortunately Valverde's form is still off. He also said today the cold and rain that is very likely for much of this Vuelta is going to hurt him a lot. He made some comment that he thinks he's still capable of winning stages somewhere, but that it's time for him to switch to being a helper for Mas and basically ensure that Mas has everything he needs for the future.

He’s another one with some legendary physiological testing. How it translates is anyone’s guess.
Useless Soler not even able to keep up with the old man. He should be demoted to ride a blue bike.
Soler is saving himself to help Mas in the Asturias stages. He wasn’t planning on contesting the GC and there was no way he was going to be let in a breakaway on the first stage and build up a lead of any kind.

In Catalan

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Huge relief for Soler himself and also the team. Mas looks very strong, let's see what he will do tomorrow. It will be interesting to see the upcoming batallas between the three of Jumbo and the three of Movistar. Today Movistar should also thank their former employees Amador and Carapaz for weakening Jumbo (Dumoulin, Gesink k.o.)