Tejay Van Garderen Discussion Thread

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HelloDolly said:
Great TT by TJ
His move to EF was a good one
Would love if he abandoned GC and went for stages at the Tour but alas I think not
I wonder if he's changed anything in his build-up for the Tour, this year. He didn't look super strong at this year's Tour of California, which he's won in the past. But maybe he's looking to build form closer to the Tour. Today's time-trial was a great ride for him. -- Beating Dumoulin (admittedly, not in top form), and also a better time than the other GC contenders.
Very solid ride today. Maybe he has a chance to finish on the podium after tomorrow's stage? Can we actually hope just a little? He put 30 seconds on Quintana today. Somehow I think that says more about Quintana than it does Tejay.