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The 100 Hottest Athletes Of All Time


Jun 16, 2009
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Click: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/440856-the-100-hottest-athletes-of-all-time#page/1

No. 53: Serena Williams (Tennis)

Now this thing is tricky ...
It shows the images count down, starting from Nr.100 down to Nr.1 so you can't have a quick peep who's on top spot but that I think won't be a problem on here.

and then it goes on with "If you liked this you will als like ...."
The 25 Hottest NFL Cheerleaders
Aug 4, 2009
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You can actually cheat - just change the number at the end of the address to 99.

But then I guess you would miss out on the building tension and you would never find out where Lizzie Armitstead came.
I have to say there standards weren't very high. Hot? It's a stretch to call many of them any better than lukewarm. Looks like they picked the first 100 women "athletes" they could find who didn't have a hunched back or a wart on the end of their nose.

And as for "athletes," ...Ashley Force, ...a drag racer? She might look sleek and carnivorous but don't forget her tubby 60-year old papa shares the same profession. I mean, c'mon, ...a long workday for them lasts 15 seconds. Ashley's not fugly but I don't see anyone who isn't just out of a 20-year stretch at Ryker's calling her "hot".

And besides, they missed Rebecca Twigg, probably the most delectable girl-child ever to straddle a saddle.
I'd pick Allison Stokke or Blair O'Neal, though Leryn Franco definitely has a "Bond girl" thing about her. Had never heard of Claudia Toth, but she looks like the gorgeous girl next door that you're always afraid to ask out.

There are a few I would have not put on that list, but why are Liv Boeree, Jennifer Leigh, Liz Lieu, Lacey Jones and Kim Lansing on there? The list says "athletes". They play poker!

Very few women born before about 1975 on there it seems. Katarina Witt and Laura Baugh are about it. Gabriella Sabatini was sultry beautiful. Dorothy Hammill and Chris Everett weren't so "hot" but they were adorable heartthrobs back when young. Dorothy is still very pretty. Finally, Jan Stephenson definitely should have made the list. I know Susan wanted no pictures, but there is nothing racy about this photo at all. If you're looking for more sexy photos of Jan, you can find them on your own. Back in the 1970's she was a very beautiful woman.

Sep 23, 2009
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HL2037 said:
How did David Beckham or Mikkel Kessler not make it into top 100?! Impossible!

In the interests of both decency and jealousy, let me put the succicntly, David
is doing so well that he can mount his own defence. The stripped down photo of him promoting Police sunglasses is enough to get him in there. At the turn of the century, for United, he was the fittest football fly pass you could find, then somebody stole his sack of gold, Posh Twice I think her name was, due to the amount of elocution lessons she is rumoured to have had to make his grade, O level in Futebol and dating for virgins. After that he passed everything.


Jun 16, 2009
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GIRLS - Il calendario Cyclepassion accende la passione. VIDEO

Gosh I couldn't stay on my chair, looking at this top of the bill art is absolute torture went complete over the moon ...

Just as you've never seen and imagined. Alluring, graceful, sexy. Short of real women. Almost unrecognizable in all their femininity. The calendar is Cyclepassion the year-end gift for all fans of these queens of the two wheels.
In calendar 2011, the four-time champion of the cross, Germany's Hanka Kupfernagel, a compatriot of the mountain bike Mona Eiberweiser (CentralPro), the Swiss Fabienne Heinzmann (BMC), France's Julie Krasniak (Look) and the American Willow Koerber, Heather Irmiger ( Trek Subaru) and Liz Hatch with the Lotto team-mate, Sweden's Veronica Andréasson.

: http://www.ciclonews.it/news_scheda.php?id=26746

ingsve said:
Pitiful list.

Looks like they chose the first 100 "athletes" they could find that had at some point posed in a bikini.

They would have gotten a little credibility of they had at least added someone like Sonja Henie to the list.

Well, without going back that far or even as far as Esther Williams, how about including CYNTHIA COMPAIN (sept 2006 below)
who besides competing as a professional cyclist (participations in the tour de france féminin) performed for 6 years at the LIDO after 7 years at the Crazy Horse???!!!
Real Athletes for Eye-candy :

Don't know how to post the pictures so I hope someone can help by posting pics.

Tatiana Grigorieva - Pole vault - Sydney Olympics silver medal

Kelly Sotherton - Heptathlon

Jessica Ennis - Hepthathlon

Allyson Felix - Athletics sprinter - 200M world champion

Laure Mandou - Swimmer - Athens Olympic champion 400M freestyle

Sharon Davis - Swimmer

Amy Acuff - High Jump

... etc