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The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

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Oct 23, 2011
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Izagirre, Bennett, Oomen and Mas all scoring at least a handful of GC points (barring any accidents next stage). :)

Guess this week is for the Porte crowd, but I'm content with this result.

Also, why on earth is TDU categorized as 2.WT1?! Surely it should be 2.WT3, together with Turkey and the Asian stage races........
Kazistuta said:
Squire said:
As you say, I picked him, and he was pretty nailed on for a spot in my team. He was not really on my radar before I started doing research for my CQ team. But his results in the Tour of Britain impressed me, and he was going to be the main sprinter for Delko, which means a fantastic calendar for scoring CQ points. What convinced me was his absolute confidence in making it to the WT in a year or two, and his previous results. I checked race reports and tweets, and saw that when he didn't get results last year, it was either due to crashes/bad luck, or the team riding for Alex Frame instead. I absolutely didn't get the impression that Brenton Jones sucks.

I'm happy that he's delivering so far, and I believe the Delko racing calendar will mean plenty of easy points for him. I would actually have been pretty disappointed if he didn't rip it up in Gabon. But it's still early days, of course. It remains to be seen how he handles a full European calendar. But I'm quite surprised he's only picked by four players.

Well, agree with Squires expectations for Gabon. We'll only know the true extention of his potential when reaching the European racing.
My main reason for picking Jones was that I for some years have bookmarked him as a rider to watch for these CQ competitions, and with a switch to Delko he's now in a perfect environment. I didn't look into old race reports as Squire, but I read some interviews where Jones himself expressed clear ambitions as a team leader and desire to hit the ground running. And that he did :D Let's see if he can continue in Etoile De Besseges against the likes of Coquard, Capiot, Boudat and Dupont, which is more like the competition he'll usually have in the French calendar.

Yeah, that reasoning for both of you is sound, thanks for the replies. I think for me the problem is that he WAS on my radar, but two years too early. I read interviews with him going into the 2016 season about how he was confident and excited to be Drapac's #1 now that Wippert had moved on, and how he couldn't wait for a leadership opportunity. His 87 points made him promising, and he followed that up with... 115 points, inflated by two wins in the Tour of Korea. His only other podiums were one in February in Langkawi, and one at the end of October in Hainan. I guess it's all up to expectation - I thought that if he expressed that confidence and desire coming into that year and wasn't able to do it then with lots of chances, he'd never be able to. So I didn't even pay attention since. But you guys are right - looking at him with fresh eyes for this game, he would have been an appealing pick. Even if these Gabon results are his Tour of Korea for this year, though, moving to French PCT means lots and lots of little one-days, where being close matters for CQ points. So even if he isn't a world class (or even Europe Tour class) sprinter, getting 7th in a bunch of 1.1 races really piles up. He definitely could be an advantage to the few of you who have him.
Since I was hoping one of Latour, Oomen, Mas would finish top-10 in TDU it was a little disappointing to not see any of them in the Willunga stage top-10 when I woke up this morning, but then I checked the full results and they finished 11th, 12th and 14th which I guess was the best I could have hoped for at that point ;)
Oct 23, 2011
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Meh, Guerreiro and Lulu getting some bonis on the last stage cost me a few points. Still four riders in the top 20 though - albeit none in the top 10 -, good enough I guess.
LaFlorecita said:
Had a look at the TDU startlist. My team :)

GC men: Oomen, Latour, Kennaugh, Mas
Designated sprinters: Halvorsen, Minali
Wildcards: Senechal, Navardauskas
Unfortunately, all my GC aces that were up there after stage 5 dropped some positions on stage 6. Oh well. As Kazistuta said, these points are a bonus for all of them compared to last year, and they showed a solid base for this upcoming season.

Latour 48
Oomen 38
Mas 30
Minali 5
Senechal 5
Kennaugh 5
Navardauskas 5
Halvorsen DNS

I'm glad Navardauskas showed some sort of shape after last year's woes - he was mostly on domestique duties anyway just like Senechal and Kennaugh, I assume. I had hoped for a little better from Minali - his best result being 10th on stage 1 - but perhaps he struggled with the heat.
I am disappointed we didn't get to see Halvorsen in action and the injury will set him back a bit - but better at the start of the season than halfway through I suppose.

Next week's roster:
Vuelta a San Juan (2.1)

Only two riders but both could score. This race doesn't have a very good GC field, I'd only rate Nibali and Majka as definitely better than Pantano so I'm hoping for a top-5 on GC for him. Of course at this point in the season it's always a guess how well a rider will come out of the off season.
For Nizzolo I am just hoping he shows some sort of shape, I would be delighted with a couple of top-5's.

Sharjah Tour (2.1)

I had no idea this race even existed but I have a rider racing! I have no clue if this race is climby or not but it appears to have a TT which should negate Le Coq's chances to win the GC. Still hoping he wins 1 or 2 stages, he should have "a fire in his belly" ;)

I'll leave the Mallorca startlist for later as that's always a mystery to me until 1 day before the event.
Bennett, Gesink, Latour, and Oomen all with some nice GC points in Australia. Hoped for at least 1-2 of them getting into the Top10, but happy that they still scored decently making Kennaugh the guy I'm currently most disappointed in. (early season is fun, right?)

Next (this) week started of nice aswell with Bonifazio and Nizzolo already getting points in Argentina.

Full rosters
San Juan

Looks like a well balanced team... Looking forward to see Padun and Carapaz in action.

Sharjah Tour

Like almost everyone....
Re: Re:

LaFlorecita said:
Salvarani said:
Salvarani said:
Joseph Areruya picking up some points for me at La Tropicale Amissa Bongo :p

He won the whole thing :D

Unique pick makes it even sweeter
That's really cool, doubled his 2017 score in January :)

Absolutely. Hopefully he will achieve some more good results this year but he got back to back wins now with Tour Of Rwanda last year and now La Tropicale La Amissa Bongo at the start of this year so seems promising at least :)