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The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Page 30 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community.
What a disastrous week. Until Nokere Koerse i was quite optimistic that i had a chance to retain the title. Not any more. Missing Jacobsen, Capiot and De Bie (plus van Poppel) will be too much, especially as half of my team is not performing.
Worried by Gav's inability to stay on his bike and disappointed by Alaphilippe. But, Soler is looking top drawer and the likes of Fenn, Basso and Dlamini are already showing good profit, so content enough. I would like Alaphilippe to redeem himself at MSR ... before Bala gets back to work.
Re: Re:

SafeBet said:
LaFlorecita said:
GP Blanco said:
1-2 Jacobsen and Capiot at Nokere
Same for me. Just a shame Senechal didn't sprint as well as he looked very strong.

-14 in the latest update :rolleyes:
Senechal looked so strong closing all the attacks that I dreamt of him soloing away.
Bodes well for future races.
Looked like he was barely breathing, he looked so comfortable. Hopefully he can turn this great shape into some big results.
Handzame Classic (1.HC)

Milano-Sanremo (1.WT)

GP de Denain (1.HC)

Not expecting any significant results this weekend, hopefully Handzame Classic will be good for my team, I'd still have a decent week in that case with Formolo, Jakobsen and Capiot.

Looking forward to next week, with hopefully Minali and Guardini sweeping the sprint stages in Langkawi and some good performances from my GC guys in Catalunya.
wow, QuickStep... never ceases to amaze me how good they are with young riders, and how good in general. Jakobsen on Wednesday and now Hodeg. Just a reminder to myself for future years that the 'there are so many great classics riders there that these guys won't get a chance to lead in their first year' is a false narrative with that team. Nice work to those that picked either of those guys, it's impressive for them to be making it to the end of these cobbled races early in their neo-pro year.

If I have any consolation it's that Halvorsen showed he's good, and got 4 more points for 2nd this year than he did for winning last year when it was a 1.1!
Van Poppel, De Bie, Halvorsen, Jakobsen, Capiot and Hodeg - a lot of young sprinters who can gain a lot of points this year. I miss Jakobsen and Hodeg, and especially Jakobsen is a pity since he looked very impressive in Nokere. Is there a team with all these riders?

My team had, after a disappointing Alaphilippe, another setback with Vliegen. He was really looking good and ready for the Ardennes, but once again he'll miss these races due to injury.
Wow, what an edition of MSR this year, that slow burn had such a great payoff. Haters can dislike sprints all they want, but watching the ever-shifting game of positioning in the bunch in this race is one of my favourite cycling nerd activities of the year.

Anyway, with no one having Nibali this year, it makes the week pretty interesting! Two teams with Kwiatkowski will get some points from T-A, 12 teams with Ewan, 24 with Geraint Thomas, a similar number with Jakobsen, fewer with Hodeg... it's going to come down to the right combo of riders, even more so than usual.

On the personal front, it could have gone better, but definitely could have been worse as well. Halvorsen and Capiot get 84 points each for the HC 2nd places, and 5th in MSR shows me that Roelandts can play the role I thought he might in BMC. I've got no one in the French HC race tomorrow, but even though the week was a bit thin, I don't think it's a disaster. And Valverde is back in action Monday too.
Valverde and Soler both next week. I'm guessing a top 10 for Roson in T-A should give those of us with him a few decent points for that finish.

Anyway very happy about Hodeg saving my week for me, to go along with whatever points Roson gets. Not sure anyone else on my team is getting points this week. But I can look forward to Valverde destroying the competition at Catalonia.

Interesting point on Soler is that he's being given a great opportunity at the Duaphine as well.
Gaviria's inability to stay on his bike has ruined the game for me this season.

Stannard also look like a waste of a pick :mad:

Pleased with Hodeg's pick though !

Crucial few weeks coming up and Stybar will have to do really well for me to have any chance of moving in to the Top 10 .
Update #10: The Rich Get Richer - Top 4 of the Week are Top 4 Overall

**note: I'm still looking for people to take on the posting of the updates for June and July. If you are interested, please let me know either here or by PM, thanks!**

I saw that the update was out on Sunday so I've got a jump on it this week!

The first monument of the classics season is done! It is not having quite as much of an impact on the standings as last year's, when a very popular Kwiatkowski took the win. This year, a rider nobody had - Vincenzo Nibali, who is very good every year and thus likely wouldn't have a much higher ceiling than his score - took out a thrilling victory, but took those 280 points away from everyone in this game. There were also the points for the GC of Tirenno on offer, which also didn't affect the game too much, as winner Kwiatkowski was only on 2 teams this year, again because of his good showing last season. That meant a combo of placings in these races and the 3 1.HC races (none of which were above 1.1 3 years ago - what's up with the UCI upping the category for nearly every race?) would give the best chance of victory this week.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank Team Points this week
1 TheArt 893
2 ruvu75 822
3 Squire 764
4 Nathanptz 753
5 Hugo Koblet 728

If the name at the top looks familiar, it's because it's the same one that was at the top of the leaderboard in Week 6. TheArt takes a second weekly win of the year, scoring a whopping 893 points this week! Last time it was rare pick Lutsenko in Oman that powered their team to victory as well as Geraint Thomas in Algarve. This time, Thomas' 162 points from Tirenno lead the way, but not far behind is the impressive neo-pro Fabio Jakobsen with 155 this week. Triple digit scores from Jurgen Roelandts and Davide Formolo help a lot, as do a pair of 84-point showings from Halvorsen and Capiot. ruvu75 is the only team to come remotely close, with all those riders but Capiot, and a healthy collection of 40+ points from supporting riders. Squire rounds out the podium with a nice week from many of those same riders.

This Week's High Movers

Rank Team Up/down
1 Hugo Koblet (+42)
2 oliveira (+35)
2 Poles & Co. (+35)
4 Shawnm4747 (+33)
5 laarsland (+31)

Normally there is significant overlap between this list and the previous one, but... well, read the title of this post. Game founder Hugo Koblet, the highest scoring team that wasn't already in or almost in the top 10, takes a solid 42 point leap up the charts. Despite lamenting the loss of Gaviria, his team fills in admirably, as one of the only teams with both QuickStep neo-pros that scored big this week, Jakobsen and Hodeg... or so I thought before writing the next sentence. oliveira and Poles & Co. tie for 2nd with equal 35 point leaps, and they also each have both of those guys (plus oliveira has Sagan, and Poles & Co. has Ewan).

Green Jersey Competition

Rank Team Total
1 TheArt 90
1 Jon_Ezeitza 90
3 Nathanptz 80
3 Kryvo 80
5 archieboy 77

We have some real changes at the top! With a second weekly win, TheArt matches Jon Ezeitza's feat from earlier in the year, and therefore their teams are tied since neither has any top 15 placing points from other weeks. Nathanptz gets 26 points this week to leap into a tie for 3rd with Kryvo as well. Lower down, PeterB jumps into the top 10 but no other scorers in the very top of the board.

Top 10 Overall

Rank Up/down Team Points
1 (+1) Nathanptz 3290
2 (+8) TheArt 3264
3 (+1) Squire 3228
4 (+11) ruvu75 3158
5 (-4) Blues in the bottle 3099
6 (-3) Popchu 3021
7 (+5) LosBrolin 2931
8 (+1) Valv.Piti 2911
9 (-4) Kryvo 2890
10 (-2) trackstand 2885

A real jackpot for the top teams this week as already mentioned - Nathanptz gets 4th on the week but was already in 2nd place, and so their team regains the lead from last week's leader Blues in the bottle. Squire already was in 4th and gets 3rd on the week, but TheArt was in 10th last week and scored so many more points than anyone else that their team leapfrogs nearly everyone into 2nd overall. ruvu75 turns a good week into a top 10, and LosBrolin jumps in the top 10 as well, while CQmanager and DJ Sprtsch fall out.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
Oct 23, 2011
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As I expected I dropped a bit this week. Coming weeks are going to be difficult for me with a very poor team for cobbles. Hopefully Catalunya and País Vasco can compensate for that and then with Alaphilippe and Izagirre I can strike in the Ardennes (just somewhat wary of the Valverdites).

MAS Enric
CHAVES Johan Esteban
POWER Robert
+19 on the week, very happy with that :) just 1 place away from top-30!

I am quite excited about the upcoming races, hoping for another good week

Tour de Langkawi (2.HC)

Volta a Catalunya (2.WT)

Driedaagse De Panne (1.HC)

Settimana Coppi e Bartali (2.1)

E3 Harelbeke (1.WT)

Gent-Wevelgem (1.WT)

Langkawi has started off well with 2 wins in 2 stages. Minali unfortunately doesn't climb nearly well enough to have a chance at finishing among the best on Cameron Highlands like Gibbons last year, so I have to hope he and Guardini sweep all sprint stages :p and of course I would rather see Minali win as he is a more expensive and rarer pick :)

In Catalunya I have a long list of GC guys, Pantano and Formolo will lead their teams after starting earlier races as second fiddle. Gaudu will apparently also lead FdJ instead of Pinot and Martinez is a late addition after Uran fell ill. I hope I can get several of my riders in the top-10.

Settimana Coppi e Bartali is another race I am eyeing with interest. The startlist isn't nearly complete, but allegedly Rosa is getting a free/lead role for Sky which is an opportunity he will hopefully grab with both hands. I am thinking Brambilla and Conci have a chance of scoring some GC points here as well, but I am eagerly awaiting Trek's complete lineup to see if Felline will be on it. He is my most expensive pick this year and hasn't delivered at all yet. When I picked him I hoped he had recovered from last year's illness and could maybe score ~70% of what he scored last spring, to then add to that in the 2nd half of the season to score a nice profit. The way it looks now even breaking even would be a win, but he has looked slightly better in recent races than at the very start of the season. He isn't in Trek's lineup for the Belgian weekend which makes me suspect he is supposed to race Coppi e Bartali.
Fingers crossed :)

EDIT: Felline is on Coppi e Bartali startlist, Brambilla isn't. Mollema is racing for Trek as well though which could limit Felline and Conci's chances.
I'm very happy with my picks of Madouas and Hodeg. Even though I've lost a couple spots this week, they saved my week along with a decent points from Roson. This week Valverde is back racing and already finishing top 10 on a sprint stage.

My riders for this week:


Mas (Luis - Caja Rural)

E3 Harelbeke


Gent - Wevelgem

Moved to 21th postion. My highest position of this year,

Volta Ciclista a Catalunya
MAS Enric
CHAVES Johan Esteban

Driedaagse De Panne-Koksijde

Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali
ROSA Diego

Record Bank E3 Harelbeke
HALVORSEN Kristoffer
I've never been in the lead in this game, and was hoping this last update would be the first time for me. Until Roelandts popped up in MSR again. I'll just find comfort in the possibility that I might be better off without him in the long run. And I'm of course thrilled with being on the podium!

I've got no hope of taking the lead this week either, with Valverde mopping up everything in Catalunya.

So who can I hope will compensate for the green machine?

Tour de Normandie (2.2)
BOL Cees

My only unique pick picked up 2 points in the first stage, but being a 2.2 race, it's not like I should be looking to Normandie for my points this week. Was disappointed that the cesspool's team didn't ride the Ronde van Drenthe. Unfortunately he's down for mostly .2 races this spring.

Volta Ciclista a Catalunya (2.UWT)
MAS Enric
CHAVES Johan Esteban
WOODS Michael

Not bad at all. Only GC guys. All of them can be top 10-15.
I'm awfully stupid for not picking Hodeg though. *bangs head against wall*

Driedaagse De Panne-Koksijde (1.HC)

Is it allowed to hope that Viviani has a timely puncture in the last 5 km? :p

Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali (2.1)
EIKING Odd Christian
ENGER Sondre Holst

Come on Giulio, show me why I picked you!

Record Bank E3 Harelbeke (1.UWT)
HALVORSEN Kristoffer
MÜLLER Patrick

Not exactly loaded with potential winners.

Cholet - Pays de la Loire (1.1)
JONES Brenton

There has been four Estonian victories in this race, but I'm not holding my breath.

Gent-Wevelgem in Flanders Fields (1.UWT)
HALVORSEN Kristoffer

Bunch sprint, pretty please?!
Valverde just won a 94-rider sprint in Catalunya over Impey and McCarthy, weeks away from age 38. The man is like Roger Federer and Tom Brady combined. Unreal. Who else have I got this week?


Alejandro Valverde
Enric Mas
Esteban Chaves
Pierre Latour
David Gaudu

Other than the obvious, I'm hoping Mas does something, though we will see if he works for Jungels. Apparently Gaudu has the lead at FDJ and Latour seems like the option for AG2R, so I'll keep my fingers crossed on that.

I've got Guardini in Malaysia, too.

De Panne

Amaury Capiot
Bryan Coquard

Not sure what my overall prospects are, although both of these guys should feature in stages. Coquard has not looked great so far this year, though.

Coppi e Bartali (so far)

Pavel Sivakov
Sondre Holst Enger

Very excited to see what Sivakov can do. The late start might help him in that he'll fill out his race days in the later summer/fall schedule where he could get more leadership opportunities. We'll see how it goes in round 1. There's Rosa on the team, but he should have a free role.


Jurgen Roelandts
Heinrich Haussler
Ivan Garcia Cortina
Owain Doull
Kristoffer Halvorsen
Bryan Coquard

Hmm... Roelandts is a good option as a foil for GvA in any classic I think. Coquard probably can't make the finale of this race even on good form. Haussler is for sure a good threat, but we'll see if he outlasts Colbrelli, probably not. Halvorsen is there to learn, Doull and Garcia are there to work, although they're rare picks of mine so I'll cross my fingers that they get in the right break of secondary riders and everyone else looks at each other. That's the kind of roll of the dice I got them for.


same plus Capiot. More chance of Halvorsen sprinting for a high place (tho probably not in his first year), more chance of Coquard, more chance of Roelandts being the option, less of Haussler. So overall, maybe a bit more hopeful for this one?

French 1.1 races - hmm, no one I think? Most of my chips are in Catalunya I guess.