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The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Page 58 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community.
62 points for Kuss and Eg in Japan Cup vs 36 for Trentin so far.
76 point lead over Tigerion at the moment; hopefully Cavagna and/or Vakoc place well today to neutralize Trentin's GC points.
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62 points for Kuss and Eg in Japan Cup vs 36 for Trentin so far.
76 point lead over Tigerion at the moment; hopefully Cavagna and/or Vakoc place well today to neutralize Trentin's GC points.
Cavagna, Vakoc and Trentin all worse than expected.
Trentin will need to win at least 1 of the remaining stages, podium the other one and grab the points classification to give Tigerion a shot. Could be close!
Haven't been here since early summer, having kind of given up, and suddenly I see myself having had a superb September and even being topscorer in week 37 - season's been too bad with dumb picks (Cav and Diego Rosa) and bad luck like Pantano who got popped and Kittel retiring. I knew that Sivakov and Gaudu wouldn't fail me. Nairo's resurgence was unfortunately contained to Paris-Nice. Even though I end up in the bottom-third, those victories might tempt me to try my luck next year...
Cavagna, Vakoc and Trentin all worse than expected.
Trentin will need to win at least 1 of the remaining stages, podium the other one and grab the points classification to give Tigerion a shot. Could be close!
Japan cup pretty much put an end to my chances. I can see it being close but but don't think it is possible. Not sure where Cavagna is on GC but even a small amount of points over the base will make it basically impossible.
As you say it is a stage win, points win and 2nd place. A few extra points on your side and it is 2 straight wins needed
After today stage I think Fauniera 1st place should be safe! Congratulations mate! It was a fun race against you after the Tour of France!

Thanks. Normally i should have this, which of course makes me happy.

Technically it's not over yet, as there is still a 2.1 race coming up (Tour of Fuzhou), but it would need a freak result (and a freak startlist) to change our positions.
Update #41: fauniera holds on

The CQ update came in the middle of Guangxi, so the GC points are yet to come in, meaning we have one week of substantial results left as tobydawq mentioned upthread (I had assumed they'd wait an extra day and release the update on the Tuesday, which I thought they did in previous years for some reason). So it's not 'over' yet, but everyone had a good idea of where things were going when this update was out on Sunday, and we certainly do now several days later.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

With only stages of Guangxi and the Japan Cup to really boost scores (sorry Chrono des Nations, but I don't respect you - there, I said it), we see a bit of a dropoff in top scores this week, as expected. Amis Velo takes the week as the only team to break 200 points - their team's haul comes largely from Brandle (66 points, 6 teams), Ganna (48, 11 teams), and McLay/Trentin/Gaviria who all had some stage points in China. Londonpat grabs a place of honour with points from Ganna, Neilson Powless, Gaviria and McLay, while zaka_fan has something to cheer about thanks to Sepp Kuss and some aforementioned names.

This Week's High Movers

lol. The end of the year is a funny one in this category, including the 11-way tie for 5th. LosBrolin was in a competitive enough place in the standings to move up 5 thanks to the Gav/Trentin combo, and a sprinkling of Mikkel Bjerg. Long-time game participant Nicosix gets some late-season time in the sun for making the podium, while manafana and zaka_fan tie for third, meaning zaka is the only double podium winner this week!

Green Jersey Competition


This is one that will, in fact, come down to the wire. tobydawq still leads, but 13 teams are still within a weekly win of the top spot. The only rider in this top ranking to score this week was ansimi, whose 16 points brought their team into the top 5. A reminder - the CQ game doesn't technically end until the end of the last .1 or higher race, which is looking like Fuzhou in late November. With the Tour of Hainan pushing back to next year, that leaves a gap of smaller races and probably very, very minimal results impacting this game. During those weeks, I pro-rate the Green Jersey scores if there are fewer than 15 game-participating teams who score anything on the week. So if you were the only team to score in the week, you'd get recognition on the update, but you'd only get the equivalent of 15th-place points (2 points) in this competition since you finished ahead of no one else with points. If 5 people got points, they'd get 11th-15th place equivalent points, etc. Just a reminder as this one is actually competitive up to the end this year!

Top 10 Overall

RankUp/downTeamPointsPoints this week
10(-)Hugo Koblet1353597

I added the 'points this week' column so you could see how the top contenders gained and lost to each other (come to think of it, with CN's new board formatting, that might be a good idea for every week in future editions - thoughts?). As you can see, the other podium spots did gain some on fauniera, but it's a very direct application of the phrase 'too little, too late'. A lead of 207 points with only minor adjustments for Guangxi leaves a very, very slim chance that fauniera will be overtaken this season. The stretch run has been fun and it's been great to have a lot of forum participants talking about their teams, and the minor placings are very close, including a tie in the top 10. But the leader looks firmly entrenched at this point.

spreadsheet at dropbox
Thank you Skidmark for this and for running this year's comp. It has been bitter sweet for me. After a few years in the broom wagon, I got a decent team together. I wouldn't have won the overall, but I am convinced I would have won the green jersey were it not for visiting catastrophe upon my selections by choosing them. Oomen, Schachmann, Van Aert and, most tragically, Lambrecht ... all came to grief. Poor Bjorg, in the worst way possible. That single event took any enjoyment of the whole comp from me.
I think I made some great selections: Schachmann, Evenepoel, Pogacar, Lambrecht, Ciccone, Van Aert, Hirschi and Philipsen. I am pleased with that aspect, but gutted by Bjorg's sad passing.
2nd place in the green jersey comp is something I guess. Roll on next year.
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Update #42: triley36 wins week 42

The points for Guangxi are in, and all 114 participants in the game got some points on this week's update, which I am fairly certain will be the last points for the vast majority of those teams. Let's see how the last major week (and month!) has shaken out.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week
4Yellow Knight311

triley36 goes out with a bang, netting over 400 points and winning the week by 115! Impressive haul for late October. Their top two riders on the week - Enric Mas (207 points, 5 teams) and Dani Martinez (149 points, 4 teams) - were enough alone to win the ranking, and on top of that they got points from Gaviria, Bauhaus, and a still-in-existence Louis Meintjes. Londonpat is bridesmaid the second week in a row, thanks to another rare pairing of Diego Rosa (120 points, 5 teams) and Antwan Tolhoek (100 points, 6 teams). Akuryo inches out a few others for the final podium spot thanks largely to Mas, and also smaller contributions from the likes of Marczynski and Kudus.

This Week's High Movers


For the first time that I can remember in this game, there is no overlap in the top 5 of the two weekly rankings. The new podium here is led by HelgeBlendet, who jumps an impressive double digits on the final major week of the competition thanks to Rosa, Gaviria, Trentin and a few helpers with minor points. merengues slots a clear second place with contributions from Tolhoek and Schachmann, while there's a three-way tie for third.

This Month's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this Month

The VeloRooms collective team leads all teams this month in an extremely close contest, with just 26 points separating the top 3 teams. Their team had 4 riders score over 100 points on the month, led by Bernal (26 teams) with 383, Mas (5 teams) with 314, Gaudu (57 teams) with 170 and Hodeg (11 teams) with 140. I was going to mention last week that their team had finished in the top 15 (ie. scoring Green Jersey points) for 5 weeks in a row, but I forgot to include that tidbit in the update. Luckily, they did so again this week so the streak is 6 weeks in a row! Congrats on a strong finish, guys, the VeloRooms collective team is a really great touch on this game and I always enjoy reading the thread that creates it in December. Hakkie2 just misses out on the top spot in this ranking but will no doubt be consoled by parlaying this great month into rocketing onto the overall podium. Londonpat puts together a solid October as well to edge out DJW and shalgo for the final podium spot.

This Month's High Movers


Not a ton of room to move around the standings this late in the year, but two teams managed to tie for the top spot in the High Movers ranking. oliveira had a big month from Bernal/Gaviria/Gaudu/Van Asbroeck (the latter quietly racked up 204 points for his 19 owners), while DJW was led by a combo of Bernal/Gaudu/Mas/Ivan Sosa. VeloRooms gets a double podium, sharing the last spot with Nicosix.

Green Jersey Competition


In the end, 15 teams finished within 45 points of the leader, which remains tobydawq! Barring a surprise in a 2.2 race or Fuzhou later in November, the rankings should stay the same as they are... note the added column showing which teams got green jersey points in week 42; ansimi scored to pull within 7 points of the lead, but it's only enough for a podium. Tentative congrats to tobydawq...

Top 10 Overall

RankUp/downTeamPointsPoints this week
10(-)Hugo Koblet1363297

...and tentative congrats to fauniera! In the end, no meaningful dent was made in fauniera's lead by Guangxi; although their team's lead was chipped away slightly in the past two weeks, there was a lot of give, and there is still a 180-point gap to karaev in 2nd place. Basically, karaev would have to have an out-of-nowhere starter in Fuzhou that won all the stages and took the overall in order to catch up. The final standings have solidified, with Hakkie2's aforementioned strong October leading to a podium spot, and last year's winner ruvu75 having a strong last week to move into the top 5. Team skidmark also breaks last week's 8th place tie with tobydawq to edge ahead, and the overall top 10 is the same as last week.

To reiterate the closing process of this game - it ends after the last 2.1 race of the year, which is the Tour of Fuzhou on November 23rd. Normally Hainan is in the interim, but it has been moved to next February to accommodate the new ProSeries or whatever it's called, meaning there's a weird gap of sparse 2.2 races until the end. There's a 99% chance the standings will be unchanged at the top end, but I will only have a final update after the last event. If CQ sends out updates before then, I will check them to see if anyone scored, and update here accordingly. But informally, I want to thank everyone for once again participating in this game, which remains (for me at least) fun and engaging for the whole cycling season. Cheers everyone!

spreadsheet at dropbox
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It's a bit disappointing to miss the podium certainly when my originally submitted team would have won. Who knew that is you used more points than anybody else you get an advantage.
However with a 61 place increase on my previous best result, I'll take it.

Congrats to Fauniera, has been fun in this last run to the line having a bit of back and forth. Sadly my world view that Columbians knew how to party has been shattered. Well done Hakkie as well, pipped me at the line.

Out of interest how did the collective wisdom team go?
Thanks to Skidmark for taking the time to organise and run the game again this year. Much appreciated.

Happy enough with my teams performance, after a dreadful start to finish just outside top 25 is quite pleasing. My best fnish in 6 years I think.

Congratulations to Fauniera on the win.
Next year, I really need to cover myself for the Italian classics. Damn, that was a kicking in the teeth - I think I lost 700 points to the other top teams in the last three weeks.

Lucky that I got the jersey that I hadn't paid much attention to :)

But Green jersey here, top 10, win in the classics game and the four seasons overall win must constitute a pretty solid debut CQ game season :)
Not the best year for me, but at least I finished on a high note in the last high-ish scoring week. Rosa definitely needed that week to get from a disastrous pick to a could-have-been-worse pick.... (and I had lots of those)

Thanks for hosting once again, skidmark and everyone who helped!
Thanks skidmark! That was a lot of time and effort on your part: we are all very grateful.

For my first (but not last) participation, I put a team together 48 hours before the deadline. I didn't know how it works, didn't look past the #1000, so no free sure-bet-Remco. I had only 25 riders and a lot of unique picks.

I end up near the bottom, but I won one week!
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Thanks Skidmark, this was an entertaining edition, more like a war of attrition than an explosive race. Most of us thought there weren't many safe picks at the beginning of the year and it shows in the scores (not very high compared to most years, I believe).

I'm happy with my top10 and working on next year's team already.
Quick note - CQ actually had an update this week! Just including the 2.2 races that have been happening. I ran it through the spreadsheet and no rider in this game got any points. But I'm paying attention, and will notify this thread if anyone attains any late-season glory.

Late season.....as several teams have already started team meetings for next season, I'd go with after season races.
Update #42.5: Points are Scored!

Good day, I am doing my duty in reporting that some teams have, in fact, scored some points this week in the CQ game! Here is the list of scoring teams (ie. Top Scorers):

RankTeamPoints this week

So, let's take a hyperbolic spin on this result and trumpet the fact that zlev11 wins the week, scoring more than triple the next competitor, and more than all other competitors combined! This is due to 16 points from unique pick and 'oh yeah, remember that guy' guy Mirsamad Pourseyedi Golakhour, who now has 16 points on the season. Hey, better late than never. Other riders in the game scoring this week: Carlos Julian Quintero (5 points, 2 teams) and Nur Aiman Muhammad Zariff (2 points, 1 team). You can probably guess which teams had which riders.

The points on offer this week weren't enough to move anyone up and down the table, so there is no High Movers list. However, the Green Jersey competition amazingly does see some movement. I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but my custom when fewer than 15 teams (the normal amount that score Green Jersey points) score in a given week, I pro-rate the points given so as not to skew too heavily for winning a sparse week, but also not to shut people out when they win. Instead of awarding 45 points to the top scorer, 35 to second, etc, I reverse-count, giving 2 points (normally 15th place points) to the lowest of the scoring teams, and then moving up to 4, 6, and 8 (and more, but this week there were only 4 scoring teams, and because there was a tie, it was 2, 5, 5 and 8 points). Anyway, all this is to say that coming into this week, tobydawq was leading the competition by 5 points, and is now leading it by 10 points! Some breathing room was created. Pochu scores 5 as well to go from 6th to 5th in the competition. So there is still potential for some surprises in the two weeks that remain (probably there will be some riders in Fuzhou scoring in the game).

Here is the top of that standings, to remind you:


As for the Top 10 Overall, of course tobydawq was in 9th place coming in, 23 points behind 8th place skidmark, and now that is down to 18 points. These end-of-season points don't tend to matter, but every once and awhile there's a Vinokourov-Champs Elysees 2005 moment that can change some of the minor placings. If you're into those kind of mini changes, stay tuned through Fuzhou! Here's the standings:

10(-)Hugo Koblet13632

and, for completeness, the spreadsheet at dropbox
These end-of-season points don't tend to matter, but every once and awhile there's a Vinokourov-Champs Elysees 2005 moment that can change some of the minor placings.
I seem to remember some Mareczko shenanigans in China stirring up things quite a bit a few years ago. That has inspired me to try and include some potential late season big hitter, but it has never worked out for me.
And third overall for Quintero it is. I almost feel rude, skidmark, with your wonderful work doing this game, and then I pass you thanks to some random Colombian of whom I had barely heard prior to the season...

On the other hand, I can't help but feel a little upset that Tour of Hainan was cancelled, as I think he might have elevated me all the way up to 5th if he had been present there as well.
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