The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

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Jul 1, 2015
Good day indeed for me. Vendrame was such an amazing pick for me getting points all year long. However I believe Trentin will ruin my chances to win in China. He looks really strong right now. Maybe Bernal , Gaudu and Nibali podiums Lombardia and I have a chance...
Update #39: CQ gods decree this competition shalgo down to the wire

With one monument and a one-week WT race left to go along with a handful of smaller races (must avoid commenting on the sadness that Paris-Tours is now just one of a 'handful of smaller races' at the end of the season), this one is almost done. But it's still within striking distance for at least the top two, with a few outside chances.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

The weekly win goes to shalgo with a healthy 461 points, thanks especially to 140 from a pre-injury Hodeg, but also a hefty haul from the likes of Gaviria, Van Asbroeck, Gaudu, Kump and Bernal. Second goes to adamski101 who was one of the two lucky teams this week with Piet Allegaert (176 points), as well as one of the 7 with Senechal (84 points). yoyokt rounds out the lowercase top 3, clearing 400 with a similar top end to shalgo.

This Week's High Movers


More of a logjam here, with adamski's good week earning their team a double digit jump in the standings. It's hard to move much in a week by the time October rolls around, and four other teams split second spot on this ranking.

Green Jersey Competition


These standings are still fairly tight, with 9 teams within a weekly win (45 points) of tobydawq's top spot, and a few more just outside that range. The top teams don't score, but team skidmark jumps up a few spots to 6th with 9 points on the week and yoyokt's 30 points help them enter the picture at 190 total and 8th place.

Top 10 Overall


At the top, fauniera gains 61 points on Tigerion to get some breathing room of 120 points. Having two actively posting participants at the top is very enjoyable, not least because they keep a running track of who their remaining racers are, but basically the biggest hopes are Bernal for fauniera and Trentin for Tigerion.

Below those two, it would take some doing for another team to win, but third place is wide open, with karaev clawing the spot back by 3 points from tobydawq, and ruvu not far behind. shalgo's weekly win takes them into the top 10, displacing Kryvo.

spreadsheet at dropbox
Thanks, as always, for the update. Nice to see my team up there this week, thought would do well courtesy of Allegaert. It's always good to see one of your rare picks doing well. This week won't be so good I fear.
I am pleasantly surprised to have the top score on the week, especially when my score could have been so much higher if Hodeg had not crashed out at the end of the Tour de l'Eurométropole. No chance at the overall win, but I hope that my team can hold on to the top ten.
Important win by Bernal in Oropa. Now a top 5 in Como please and i'm happy.

karaev has even more fun as in addition to Bernal he can celebrate second place from his in-form-sprinter van Asbroeck in Bourges.

So one breathing room gets bigger while another one gets smaller.
This is just getting worse and worse. My last chance is a Søren Kragh-Küng-Cosnefroy podium in Paris-Tours but it doesn't even seem like the latter will participate and Kragh has not ridden a race for more than a month.
Okay, seriously, what's happening!?!

Reichenbach is not selected for Lombardia either.

Which of Tigerion or fauniera is the director of Groupama?

I call foul play!!

Or he could be sick.

Cosnefroy not going to Paris-Tours is not helping me either.
I'm very much in favour of Küng winning Paris-Tours (with Planckaert second of course). A van Asbroeck win has to be prevented at all costs.

Unfortunately the startlist is extremely weak and van Asbroeck will likely score a lot of points. Only 7 worldtour teams, it's a disgrace.
I heard an interview with Søren Kragh in a Danish podcast and he said that he had been preparing specifically for this race and has finally found some very good form in the last month.

My chances of a win have gone but he and Küng could still give me some nice points in the fight for the final podium spot.
I'm loving the battle between all of you active posters for the top spot.

Rooting for Tigerion. They are playing the game for the 7th time, and have a previous best of 65th place, while mostly ending up near the bottom.
After Lombardia i should be some 450 points ahead of Tigerion (and double that ahead of tobydawq), which of course is pretty good. I'm mostly worried about karaev (have been for some time) as he closed the gap to only 265 points and can score a lot of points tomorrow at Paris-Tours.
And there is Hakkie2, who is some 420 points behind, but has van Asbroeck for tomorrow and de Plus for Guangxi, where he has to be one of the favourites. The startlist for Guangxi is provisional though.
I'm loving the battle between all of you active posters for the top spot.

Rooting for Tigerion. They are playing the game for the 7th time, and have a previous best of 65th place, while mostly ending up near the bottom.
Amazing what happens when you don't start your team on the day it needs to be submitted
The win is out of the question now, just hoping I can grab one of the podiums
I'm loving the battle between all of you active posters for the top spot.

Rooting for Tigerion. They are playing the game for the 7th time, and have a previous best of 65th place, while mostly ending up near the bottom.
A hundred percent agree that it's great to see the end of the season come down to be contested between active posters. I'm thrilled to see all people participate in the game, active poster or not, but it's definitely exciting to get the play-by-play from the people involved. I've been just far enough out of the conversation (the metaphorical one for first place, that is) that I haven't been on pins and needles for every little point, but it's been great to follow along. You're looking good for a second win, fauniera, but it's definitely possible things could tighten up in China.