The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

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Trivia: there are three forum darlings on that list (Dombro, Betancur and Moser).

I don't think there was anybody crazy enough to pick Moser after his monster 2012 season (I wasn't playing the game after all).

Betancur is trickier cause his career trajectory was much more linear until 2013, so I guess it made sense to pick him even after his best season to date (scoring 950 at 23 years old). And then there was always hope he could turn things around.

Dombro is hard to assess for me, I never really considered him as a high potential rider so I can't see reasons to pick him say after his 2015 season. But I know he's got diehard fans over here so it's not impossible.

All things considered I'm leaning towards Betancur cause he's got the most aficionados on the forum.

And I'm sure you'll tell me it's none of these three :)
Moser: Oh, there's always someone crazy enough! You'll be surprised to hear that three managers picked him in 2013. But he's still not the right answer, because nobody knew about him in 2011. He's been picked every year since though.

Dombro was also completely unknown in 2011, but his results in 2012 made him a top 10 pick in 2013. And if you never considered him a high potential rider, you were probably not around at that time. He was seen as an Adrien Costa level talent or better after coming 4th on Mount Baldy ahead of many of the big American names like Horner and Leipheimer in California, and then absolutely destroying Aru in the Baby Giro, putting almost a minute into him on the Terminillo. He outclimbed Leipheimer and Horner again in the Tour of Utah before moving to Sky to become the next big GT star.

Betancur is indeed the right answer! And the streak could possibly continue next year, if he can find a team.

Go on then, make a point of telling everyone else how badly I did. :confused_old:

Well you came 36th out of 38 in the TdF game, so neeuuughhh! :tonguewink:
Haha, I'm so sorry!:D

I'll remember to make it up and then some if you return to the top 10 next year!
Feb 2, 2015
Next year there will be some minor changes made to the CQ ranking point scales. The new 1.Pro and 2.Pro will get fewer points than the current 1.HC and 2.HC, to reduce the inflation of points as there are a lot more .Pro than .HC races.
A winner of a 2.Pro will score 150 points (instead of 160), a winner of a 1.Pro will score 130 (instead of 140). As a rule, the points scale for these categories will be the average between .WT3 and .1 races.
These new points scales will be published later on, but I thought I should share this.
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Hey everyone! I took a forum hiatus since my last post (still checked to see if there were PM's but didn't check this thread), so just to touch base and reply to a couple of things I've caught up on:

- I'm aiming to have the new game thread up in the next 24 hours... hope you're all having fun picking!

- tobydawq's question/suggestion of including female CQ scores is super interesting. I think it would be awesome and add a level of complexity to picking teams if it had the potential to be 'mixed'. But as Armchair Cyclist mentioned, the differing update schedules make it unwieldy if not impossible. Regardless, obviously if that change were going to be made I'd give like a year's notice, and honestly I don't really ever want this game to change, so such a hybrid might be better served as a new game. But that opens up cool possibilities, for sure.

- thanks so much Squire for the summary stats and narrative alongside it, those are always great!

- and thanks to Hakkie2 for the update on points. I was curious about whether/how that would change. I'll be sure to post about that in the new thread.
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