The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

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Next year there will be some minor changes made to the CQ ranking point scales. The new 1.Pro and 2.Pro will get fewer points than the current 1.HC and 2.HC, to reduce the inflation of points as there are a lot more .Pro than .HC races.
A winner of a 2.Pro will score 150 points (instead of 160), a winner of a 1.Pro will score 130 (instead of 140). As a rule, the points scale for these categories will be the average between .WT3 and .1 races.
These new points scales will be published later on, but I thought I should share this.
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Hey everyone! I took a forum hiatus since my last post (still checked to see if there were PM's but didn't check this thread), so just to touch base and reply to a couple of things I've caught up on:

- I'm aiming to have the new game thread up in the next 24 hours... hope you're all having fun picking!

- tobydawq's question/suggestion of including female CQ scores is super interesting. I think it would be awesome and add a level of complexity to picking teams if it had the potential to be 'mixed'. But as Armchair Cyclist mentioned, the differing update schedules make it unwieldy if not impossible. Regardless, obviously if that change were going to be made I'd give like a year's notice, and honestly I don't really ever want this game to change, so such a hybrid might be better served as a new game. But that opens up cool possibilities, for sure.

- thanks so much Squire for the summary stats and narrative alongside it, those are always great!

- and thanks to Hakkie2 for the update on points. I was curious about whether/how that would change. I'll be sure to post about that in the new thread.