The 2020 Olympic Time Trials (Men/Women) Race Thread

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Who will become the next Olympic time trial champions?

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I think everyone is getting carried away with Van Aert favouritism. Plenty of incredible time triallists to challenge him. Add in the possible weather changes.
There are only 2 on the start list who can potentially beat him.
Both of them haven’t done the Tour. One of them seems to be a bit lacking lately in TT (Dennis)
The other one will probably not like this parcours with 850 vertical meters too much (Ganna).

WvA is really the man in shape. What pleads against him:
He seems to have a preference for second places;
He could be less fresh;
He could be simply worse than a top Ganna.
Throw in a bit of Roglič and it's perfectly fine by me. Thanks for the reply. Now i can take a nap and to be fresh in a couple of hours.

In a couple of hours when the Olympic TT starts!
Nah, I knew you were going to bring him up eventually, so there was no point in including him in it ;)

And you still have more than two couple of hours to sleep in, if you want to watch the women, too.
Otherwise Roglič starts in exactly 10 hours.
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I want Roglic to win but it’s hard to see it being anyone but WVA. McNulty and Almeida are my backups.

In any other endurance sport the idea of decimating yourself for 6 hours straight in the heat then a few days later winning a 1 hour race against the clock against generally fresh competition is pretty outlandish, but cycling is special. I think the order of RR before ITT makes it harder on guys who do both than vice versa but then again these guys seem to peak even better that way so who knows.
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