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The 2020 Olympic Time Trials (Men/Women) Race Thread

Who will become the next Olympic time trial champions?

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Rollercoaster Typhoon? Double Dutch? Comeback Chloé? Golden Amber? Reusserian Roulette?
Termimajor Tom? Who's Ganna stop him? Remco Reloaded? Twist and Wout? Lord of the Rings reference?


It's time for the time trials later today/tomorrow.
Right now it allegedly and thankfully seems like the weather won't become an issue.

Only the two Dutchmen will get to defend their medals from Rio, and two new Olympic champions will be crowned.

The women start at 4:30 (CEST) in the morning and the men at 7:00.

There are a bunch of Vinos and a couple of Kiesenhofers who deserved to be in the poll, but there wasn't room for them, ufortunately.

Map and race profiles

The races take place on a 22 km. lap, which the women will ride once and the men twice, on and around the Fuji International Speedway race track.
The whole course was also used during the road races.








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My top10 of favourites:
Van Aert
Cavagna, Almeida
Asgreen, Dumoulin
McNulty, Evenepoel, Küng

For the women I find it very difficult to give a prediction, but I think:
Van der Breggen, Dygert
Van Vleuten
Brennauer, Reusser
Brown, Longo Borghini, Klein, Moolman
Labous, Neben
Yeah, I know, that's 11. You should know by now I'm no good with numbers.
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I love the idea of Dennis and Dygert comin' in hot to take gold from completely off grid for a whole bunch of reasons.
We're kinda used to the good ol' US of A coming in from off the grid to win TT golds on the women's side of the competition. Dygert, controversial though she may be for her views, has already done that jetting in in 2019, but would nevertheless be a comparative breath of fresh air on that front. Her winning might annoy some people but at least she's below the age of 40, she didn't get her position in the team by manipulation of the calendar to qualify thanks to an extremely favourably-designed home race and the power of nepotism like Armstrong, and she doesn't have a suspension in her history like Neben.
I'm offended by that. At least be looking to offend me.


(Tour de l'Ain has a pretty normal thread title)

I pick my battles, and more often than not the online ones don't really matter that much to me.
As seen on this forum, for instance, not everyone feels that way, though, and that is obviously perfectly fine (of course I need to say that to avoid starting a different argument :sweatsmile:)

I will however consider trying to offend you once in a while, now that you have asked for it.
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