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But even on this forum of bike race nerds I suspect that most people don’t carry that list of five around in their heads!

I was mostly interested in the stat because it shows how much the pool of regular winners in the big races has shrunk. In 2019 the top tier was huge by historical standards. tobydawg listed them a couple of posts ago. A couple of years later its two guys.
Sadly, we can blame some of that on one incident or I think we'd have a couple more. I do expect Groenewegen will make it back to the top. Hopefully, Jakobsen will be there as well but too early to know if he'll ever get back on his prior trajectory.
I need to do a pre Tour round up or I’ll lose track completely. Bennett not racing and others catching up in his absence. Wins for Ewan, Merlier, Bauhaus, Cavendish. I haven’t even been following the little French one sprinter races Demare has been bulking up on (really I should have introduced a rule at the start that these only count for a tenth of a win as they have such a distorting effect), Ackermann... well... I don’t even know what to say...
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