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Thanks EITB for doing a great job with the updates! I'm tied up with a full workload and very little time and energy to engage for the next month yet, but I've been following the races and tracking my team as best I can.

After a rocky start, lots of my guys have been coming around lately, which is great to see. Popular picks like Asgreen and Gregoire have had some success, and of course Roglic pulled it out in the end after 3 weeks of relatively low points scoring. But what's really making the difference for me is my rarer guys, like Vernon, Tulett, and Penhoet... Van Eetvelt seems to be determined in his comeback, and heck even Sagan is up to 100 points finally. I'm pleased with how things are rounding into form - my team treaded water with basically Roglic and Milan only at the Giro, but I've already got Monday's GC points for Tulett in Norway and a 3/4 in today's 1.1 race with Van Eetvelt and Martinez. So I'm happy with the week already.

I'll see you all in a bit when I'm back on the update train during the Tour, have fun!
Yeah Tulett has done a magnificient job of pricing himself out of my 2024 team this week. I was going to look so smart too.
Really dissapointing season once again.
Had so much riding on the Giro with my Rogla based team and being only 26th after the Giro means no chance of a top 10 finish for me.

Picking "has beens" like Sagan and Kwia really hurts.
Things are going quite well, but if Simon Yates could just win the Dauphiné and the Tour for me, that'd be great.

Edit: Okay, not riding Dauphiné. Suisse then? Or is he coming into the Tour with only training in his legs?
Just outside top 30, but with Ayuso and Carlos Rodriguez in my team contributing next to nothing, I can't be too upset. Hoping they storm back in the next few months (Carlos for Ineos tour leader!).
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Just outside top 30, but with Ayuso and Carlos Rodriguez in my team contributing next to nothing, I can't be too upset. Hoping they storm back in the next few months (Carlos for Ineos tour leader!).
This is really a good placing for having this years disaster duo! Most of the guys who have this duo find themselves in the back places (like me). Let´s hope, they will fight back now..
Very happy to take a weekly win!

Unless my disappointing expensive pick Ethan Hayter starts winning races left, right and centre, I fear I'm going to start sliding backwards again in the coming weeks though as my team seemed mostly Giro-oriented.
Things are going quite well, but if Simon Yates could just win the Dauphiné and the Tour for me, that'd be great.

Edit: Okay, not riding Dauphiné. Suisse then? Or is he coming into the Tour with only training in his legs?
Yes i dont know why he hasnt committed to either of those. I also need him to do something to meet my modified goal of being in the top half of the league.
Hirschi isn't doing too badly considering he missed a basic part of the season.
Now I'm only hoping that Rodriguez will at least get some points and not only work for others.
Mulubrhan continues to be one of my better picks.
Overall the Tour time will likely be very bad for my team, Vuelta should be better.
Picking "has beens" like Sagan and Kwia really hurts.
Every year there are some "have beens" who are actually a good return. This year it's Rui Costa.

But yeah, I've expected guys like Kwiatkowski, Schachmann and Honore to bounce back after a weak season and it doesn't work this year. Statistically riders like these would've made profit collectively but I've had an unlucky selection this year.
Update #22: All eyes on Eyeballs out

We went from one of the busiest week of the season to one of the calmest and no team exemplifies that drop in scoring more than last week's winner Berflamand. Their picks went from scoring 1433 to just 7.

This Week's Top Scorers

In fact, only one team topped the 500 points mark. Eyeballs Out got there with big contributions from a number of rare picks headlined by Tulett (the Tour of Norway GC is included in this update) and Meeus. Unique pick Clément Berthet broke even while Milesi scored more this week than all of last season. Ewan, Calmejane and Lenny Martinez were their other contributors.

In second, we find a fan favorite in RedheadDane. Sheffield and Tulett mopped up the points in the Norway GC while rare picks Thijssen and Mulubrhan added style points (and actual points). The margins in this game can be as thin as they are on the road. Her hopes of winning the week died when her unique pick Herregodts got caught within meters of the line during the first stage of the Dauphiné.

NielsB (Tulett, Hirschi, Nys, M. Vacek, L. Martinez, Brenner) completes the podium. Earns1985 will hope to kickstart their campaign off a nice group effort (Tulett, T. Johannessen, Van Eetvelt, M. Vacek, L. Martinez, Brenner, Nys). Ray10 finishes fifth on the week showing that their current crop of riders might not be quite as consistently good as last year but are still quite capable of flashes of brillance.

RankTeamPoints this week

Green Jersey Competition

Movement at last. Not quite in the top 5 as ray10's team climbs all the way to 6th and NielsB to 10th but certainly more action than we've seen in a while.

1Blues in the bottle226.5

Highest Movers

Eyeballs Out ties for the biggest jump (11 places) with greenedge who complemented their Tulett/Nys duo with a nice result from Odd Chtistian Eiking. Armchairclimber, a mere 2 points off getting a top 5 for the week, will get solace in registering the other double digit rise. RedheadDane gets a 9 plac bump. In a nice twist of fate, Laarsland and Poles & Co both gain 8 places and stay right next to each other in the rankings as a result.

Top 10 Overall

Kazistuta shaves 19 points off Blues in the bottle's lead. Sneekes snatches the last podium spot away from will10. Lower down the standing jsem94's team leaves the top 10 while Crevaison's squad instead of going flat, goes up to 9th.

1(-)Blues in the bottle8565

The main event is obviously the Dauphiné but the week will also feature a couple .Pro races and the first stage of the Tour de Suisse.

spreadsheet at dropbox
Critérium du Dauphiné
ALAPHILIPPE Julian - Nice start. But likely cant keep up in the mountains.
BERNAL GOMEZ Egan - I think he might actually do something later this week.
BRENNER Marco - I'll take those top 10's
HAIG Jack - Looking better so far
JOHANNESSEN Tobias - Who knows, but hoping for a top 8 in the GC
MIHKELS Madis - Not quite ready for prime time
TURNER Benjamin - He's useless for me in these races
WRIGHT Fred - had his chance in the first two stages and blew it.
Quite a few nice points from the Dauphiné... nothing big, but Haig, Rodriguez, Martinez and Champoussin add nicely to the points from Alaphilippe and Bernal, that everyone has.

Now on to Switzerland, where I have Schachmann, Fabbro, Gregoire, Asgreen, Simmons, Hirschi, Fisher-Black, Flynn, but no Pidcock, no Ayuso, no Skjelmose... so it's likely not going to be a great race for me.
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Interesting few weeks in June right now regarding this game..

Despite of a few low budget riders (Vacek, Arrieta, Moscon, Dekker, Herzog) every rider of me participates right now in one or more races..

Lucas Hamilton (who completely disappered since Paris-Nice from the living world) is participating in the Tour of Slovenia and due to the fact, that Pogacar isn´t there and the competition isn´t great either, he could actually score there. :oops:

Nice, that Rodriguez seems to be back from his injury and I am also looking forward to Ayuso´s performance in Suisse. Also Johannessen starts to score, although it´s still not that much..
Update #23: The Jons dominate the Dauphiné

Jonas Vingegaard delivered the strongest statement yet in the build up to the Tour as scoring picked up again for most teams.

This Week's Top Scorers

Jon Ezeitza wins the win by a huge margin in no small part by having Vingegaard as a unique pick but don't dismiss the contributions from other rare picks such as Olav Kooij, Carlos Rodriguez, Thibau Nys and Max Poole.

Eddy Evenepoel takes second place with star performances from Eekhoff, Alaphilippe and Haig. Nys and a trio of Scandinavians (Waerenskjold, Blikra and T. Johannessen) played the supporting roles. Joelsim also cracks the 700 points barrier with 7 of their 8 most expensive riders contributing. Kooij and Alaphilippe were the highlight of that group while lower down Nys provided a nice boost as well.

Bonimenier combined some of the aforementioned riders with Lampaert, Bol and Bernal to nab fourth place while R_O_Shipman (Kooij, Alaphilippe, Haig, Lampaert, Bernal) lands in fifth.

RankTeamPoints this week

Green Jersey Competition

Zaka_fan grabs 4 points for 14th on the week to leapfrog bminchow and get on the podium. This might be the biggest change we have seen in a while but that won't exactly trouble Blues in the bottle and their comfortable lead. A few more huge Vingegaard weeks in July might turn Jon Ezeitza into a worthy challenger.

1Blues in the bottle226.5

Highest Movers

Joelsim scores a 10 place improvement to complete a nice week. BlueRoads also secures a double digit rise with the assistance of rare picks Hirschi and Champoussin as well as some of the most ubiquitous riders in the game (Bernal, Alaphilippe, Haig).

Bonimenier and R_O_Shipman feature again, this time tied with a 9 place jump. Earns1985 also improves their ranking significantly by bumping up 8 spots with a bunch of nice GC results in the Dauphiné (C. Rodriguez, Alaphilippe, T. Johannessen, Haig, Bernal) plus Bol and Nys.


Top 10 Overall

Blues in the bottle stacks another 130 points onto their lead to reach 9000 points on the year while most of the top 10 fail to get much traction this week. Jsem94 (Alaphilippe, Eekhoff, Bol, Bernal) and AlfaLum (Alaphilippe, Haig, Bol, Bernal) ride fairly similar scoring combos to top10 spots. Crevaison and DJW make way.

1(-)Blues in the bottle9053

Of course a bad result this week shouldn't automatically be cause for dispair. For a lot of managers, a look at the Tour de Suisse startlist will explain why their Dauphiné was such a struggle. If that still doesn't give you hope well I guess there's the Mont Ventoux challenge tomorrow.

spreadsheet at dropbox
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